SPD Rangers who outranked B-Squad; worked for Gruumm

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A-Squad Red
A-Squad Blue
A-Squad Green
A-Squad Yellow
A-Squad Pink
Name in Credits Fan Name
Red Charlie Charlie
Blue A Squad Blue Ranger Beevor
Green A Squad Green Ranger Cliff
Yellow A Squad Yellow Ranger Ivan
Pink A Squad Pink Ranger Rachel



A-Squad (whose auras Bridge noted were amiss1) defended the Earth until Commander Cruger sent them to protect the Helix Nebula from Emperor Gruumm's forces2. They were unheard of for quite some time after an early distress signal3 (they may or may not have been Gruumm's agents who attacked Gamma 44). On Gamma Orion, a distress signal led B-Squad to A-Squad and their wrecked spaceship, but A-Squad promptly captured Cruger once back on Earth5. Wishing to be on "a winning team" and having been promised a position in Gruumm's leadership, A-Squad battled B-Squad but lost in a Zord battle; they were then sealed in confinement cards6.


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