Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important. I'd like to consider you all just formless shadows. I doubt I'll have reason to change that policy going forward, but feel free to check back in the future.

Oh, and it's up to you to check out Wikidot's privacy policy, because that's totally their business and not under my control.

Children's Privacy

I don't intentionally collect information from minors. I think they'd be kinda bored here, honestly. But they're not the target audience.

Links to Non-Operators Web Sites

If you follow a link to a third-party website, you're outside my privacy policy. I hope that doesn't surprise anyone.

Types of Information We Collect

I think I can probably check out non-personal aggregate information about my visitors, such as referring websites, viewed page counts, country of origin… that kind of thing. If Wikidot is storing more information about you, I wouldn't know. I also don't have access to your cookies (but Wikidot might).

If you use a Wikidot account to make edits, I may be able to use your associated profile information to identify you as someone I know on Twitter, or someone may be able to learn about you from seeing you in this wiki's editor list. If these things concern you, please disguise yourself better.

If you use this wiki's contact form, I may use the information you submitted to send you a relevant reply, after which I'll probably forget all about it.

How We Use Your Information

I may occasionally look at aggregate reports on visitors out of curiosity and/or boredom.

Information Sharing

I don't give out lists of users or visitors, and I don't send out mass-emails unless it's an important message to current editors (but even that's pretty unlikely).

I might turn you over to the fuzz if it comes down to you or me. I don't want it to be like that, so you should just probably keep your crimes out of sight.

If you're an editor who's personally identifiable to me, I may or may not pretend I don't know what you've been up to here when I'm communicating with you elsewhere. If I let slip that you're an editor on my wiki, you agree to be only minimally embarrassed.

If you're submitting sensitive information via my contact form, I probably won't share it with anyone, but extra confidentiality is available by adding "*taps nose furtively*" to the bottom of your message.

If you post in a discussion area as an anonymous user, I think Wikidot may log your IP address. I think they warn you about that beforehand, though.

Access to and Accuracy of Member Information

If you have a problem with information about you that's on this site, I'll usually try to remove it upon request (though generally this wiki should only contain information about fictional characters).

If you have a problem with information you're sharing in your Wikidot profile, change it already. If you can't access your account, that's between you and Wikidot.


Wikidot handles the security of their webhosting. I can't be responsible for their screw-ups (if applicable).

If my account gets hacked and someone does bad stuff with the information of yours that my account is able to access (which is next to nothing), I'll try to remedy the situation right away.

Opting Out

In the unlikely event I send you a message and you don't want me to send more of them, tell me. I'm pretty flexible that way.

If you have questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact me.

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