Terms of Use

Quasi-Legal Notices

Please do what these terms say, or at least don't do the things they say not to do.

These terms may get rewritten at some point. Feel free to check back in the future and make sure I didn't put something crazy in here.

Permitted and Prohibited Uses

Don't use this wiki to break the law or mess with people. Don't spam people either. Just, like, read stuff… maybe click a few links. You might also post stuff, if you're a member and you have a useful contribution.

User Submissions

Don't submit confidential or proprietary content, or anything you mind seeing rewritten.

User Discussion Lists and Forums

Time permitting, I'll usually try to remove pointless or offensive content other people submit to wiki pages and/or discussion pages. But I may not.

Use of Personally Identifiable Information

See the Privacy Policy (such as it is).

If your Wikidot account starts posting junk, I'll probably remove your posting access. Try not to let people hack your account, please.


If your misuse of this wiki leads to a lawsuit, I'm blaming you. Totally.


Don't use this site if you don't like it. I can ban people for various reasons too.

Warranty Disclaimer

If faulty information on this wiki leads to a serious hardship for you, you've done something wrong. I'm just some idiot on the Internet.

If this site breaks your computer, that's kinda weird, but I'm gonna say it wasn't my fault. I don't even know how to do that kind of stuff.


This website is hosted in the United States. If the content on this wiki is against the law in your legal jurisdiction, you're on your own.

Links to Other Materials

I don't claim responsibility over the content of third-party sites I link to, though I'll generally try not to link to nasty stuff.

Notification of Possible Copyright Infringement

If you have a problem with copyrighted content on this page, you can use the Contact page. Or you could just let it slide. That would work too.

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