Last Name Park1

Associated Characters/Elements

"Wild West Rangers"
Mr. Peabody
girl in colonial Angel Grove whom Adam met during a time-traveling incident2
Adam's great-great-great-grandfather (see Wild West Rangers)
Mr. Peabody
prop manager for at least one of Adam's stunt shows during Turbo3


MMPR season 2

Shortly after transferring to Angel Grove High School4, Adam was chosen to replace Zack as the Black Mighty Morphin Ranger5.

MMPR season 3

Adam's tenure as Black Ranger continued as the team switched to Ninja power6.


During the Zeo quest, young Adam retrieved the green Zeo Subcrystal7.


Adam served as Zeo Ranger IV to battle the Machine Empire8.


Adam received the Green Turbo powers for the team's mission to Muiranthias9. After graduation10, Adam began working at a stunt show11 and eventually passed his powers to Carlos12.

In Space

Adam briefly returned to guide Carlos through a period of self-doubt; during this time, Adam also risked his life attempting to morph with a damaged Power Coin.13

Operation Overdrive

During the Overdrive Rangers' power loss, Adam served on Sentinel Knight's replacement team as the Black Ranger once again.14


What was Adam's ancestry?

Korean would probably be a fair guess, given the following:

  • On his Zeo quest (said to be "a quest for [his] roots"15), Adam found himself in the "Diamond Mountains," where he noted his grandmother had been born16. This wasn't expressly stated to be in Korea (setting aside that a mountain whose name translates to "Diamond Mountain" actually exists in North Korea17), but locals did respond politely to Adam's attempts at speaking Korean.
  • Adam once cited Korea's lack of holiday celebrations around Christmastime (apparently to excuse himself from festivities while under a spell)18.
  • In real life, "Park" is a common Korean family name19.
  • Oddly, however, when Adam received a paper lantern at a family reunion, the tag (though its language wasn't described in dialog) was written in Japanese20.

What was the history of Adam's family? He seemed to have ties to both Stone Canyon and Old West Angel Grove.

Here's all we know:

Were Adam and Tanya involved romantically?

Maybe? See discussion at Tanya.

How long did Adam continue working at the stunt show?

Unknown, though his first mention of the stunt show was in reply to Tanya's inquiry about his summer plans24. (He was still working at the show while Justin later attended school25, but these may or may not have been summer classes.)

Why did Adam choose Carlos as his replacement?

Adam explained that Carlos had "proven [himself] to be decisive and intelligent"26. Prior to this, Adam had coached Carlos's soccer team (and helped Carlos to learn the value of teamwork)27 and later witnessed Carlos and Ashley directing and comforting civilians during a monster attack28.

Was Adam unique in keeping his damaged Power Coin, or did the other teens keep theirs too?

Unspecified; see discussion at Power Coins.

Which other Rangers did Adam meet?

We know of the following:

What happened to Adam after Operation Overdrive?

He was last seen inviting Alpha 6 back to Angel Grove, saying he could "use some help with [his] dojo"41 (Alpha agreed). We're left to wonder how Adam might have explained Alpha's presence — or whether Adam's identity was known by this point (at least by his students).

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