Alien Rangers

Ranger team from the planet Aquitar

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Season Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers (1996)
Visual Theme ninjas?
Number of Rangers 5

Associated Elements

Underwater base
Hydro Hog
Hydro Contaminator
watery planet home to the Alien Rangers
term for residents of Aquitar
Hydro Hog
archenemy of the Alien Rangers1
Hydro Contaminators
alien invaders who poisoned Aquitar's water2
Billy's Aquitian romantic interest3
Eternal Falls
similar to fountain of youth, used to treat Billy's aging4

Ranger Team

Alien Rangers
Tideus, Aurico, Delphine,
Corcus, Cestro
Name Gender
Red Aurico male
White Delphine female
Yellow Tideus male
Blue Cestro male
Black Corcus male

Red Alien Ranger

Known Users Aurico5, Troy6
Shape circle
Battle Borg resemblance Ape

White Alien Ranger

Known Users Delphine7, Emma8
Shape arrowhead
Battle Borg resemblance Crane

Yellow Alien Ranger

Known Users Tideus9, Gia10
Shape triangle
Battle Borg resemblance Bear

Blue Alien Ranger

Known Users Cestro11, Noah12
Shape square
Battle Borg resemblance Wolf

Black Alien Ranger

Known Users Corcus13, Gia14, Jake15
Shape pentagon
Battle Borg resemblance Frog

Ranger Equipment

Red's coin
Black's coin
Battle Borgs
five coins apparently resembling the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Ninja coins
unnamed laser pistols
unnamed ninja swords
Battle Borgs
five giant robots somewhat resembling the Shogunzords



The Alien Rangers arrived on Earth following a plea from Zordon and his then-powerless Rangers16. The Alien Rangers protected the Earth from Rita and Zedd's forces, periodically returning to Aquitar to re-hyrate. Once the Zeo Crystal was reassembled, the Alien Rangers returned home.


Cestro later brought Billy to Aquitar to help resolve a conflict with the Hydro Contaminators17 (a conflict which Billy reportedly resolved peacefully18). Some time later, the Alien Rangers helped battle two monsters on Earth, and Billy then returned with Cestria for treatment of his advanced aging19.

In Space

The morphed Alien Rangers were seen battling Divatox's forces on the planet (?) Gratha20; this was apparently a losing battle until the arrival of Zordon's energy wave21.

Time Force

In the year 3000, what looked like an Aquitian could be seen in the audience at Ransik's trial22 (this could also be disregarded as standard costume recycling).

Wild Force

Hailing from Aquitar, morphed Aurico joined in Tommy's Red Ranger mission on the moon23.

Super Megaforce

Five Alien Ranger Keys allowed the main Super Mega Rangers to morph into Alien Rangers24. The morphed Alien Rangers themselves later joined in the Legendary Battle25.


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