robotic assistant(s) to Zordon and the Power Rangers

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Alpha 5

Alpha 5 manned the Command Center1 (and later the Power Chamber in Zeo2). He also appeared (in unique forms) in the "lost pilot" and in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

Alpha 5
early season 1
Alpha 5
Alpha 5
Turbo movie
Alpha 5
"Passing the Torch"

Alpha 6

Alpha 6 manned the Power Chamber throughout Turbo3 and later helped aboard the Astro Megaship4. He also briefly helped the Overdrive Rangers5.

Alpha 6

Alpha 7

Alpha 7 was seen aboard the Astro Megaship Mark II.6

Alpha 7
"Forever Red"


MMPR seasons 1–3

Alpha 5 served as Zordon's assistant in the Command Center7.


Alpha 5 continued to assist in the Command Center as time was regressed8. When the Command Center was destroyed, Alpha appeared to have been caught in the blast9 (at the time, he exclaimed he didn't know what to do, though a later flashback to this scene during Zeo slurred over this line10).


Having somehow survived the blast unscathed, Alpha 5 continued as Zordon's assistant in the new Power Chamber11, on which Alpha had reportedly been working for months12.


In an unexplained shiny new body, Alpha 5 manned a redesigned Power Chamber (see Quality Bump?) during the Turbo Rangers' mission to Muiranthias13. When Zordon then left for Eltar, Alpha 5 accompanied him, and Alpha 6 (looking identical to his predecessor's shiny body) began assisting Dimitria in the Power Chamber14. (When Alpha 5 visited or appeared during the new Turbo team's induction, he was in his old body15.) Alpha 6 later survived the destruction of the Power Chamber and accompanied the Rangers into space in the Astro Megashuttle16.

In Space

Alpha 6 (with a new voice) aided the Space Rangers aboard the Astro Megaship17.

Lost Galaxy

Alpha 6 continued to help the Galaxy Rangers from aboard the Megaship during Terra Venture's voyage18. He later survived a plunge to Mirinoi following the Megaship's self-destruction19.

Wild Force

Alpha 7 (name from end credits) was seen aboard the Astro Megaship Mark II as Andros joined in Tommy's Red Ranger mission20.

Operation Overdrive

On Earth, Adam reactivated Alpha 6 after retrieving him from a crate in a warehouse in Angel Grove21. Alpha repaired the Overdrive Rangers' damaged portion of the Morphing Grid (by physically entering the grid!) and then agreed to help Adam at his dojo22.


What happened to Alphas 1 through 4? Did we see Alpha 4 in the Command Center's basement?

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Unidentified Alpha
"Hogday Afternoon,
part 1"
Alpha 4 crate
"Hogday Afternoon,
part 2"

Which version of Alpha did we see when Kim went back in time in "Wild West Rangers?"

This Alpha looked and sounded like the contemporary Alpha 5, but his actual number wasn't given in-show.

Wild West Alpha
"Wild West Rangers"

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