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Andros's home planet (see KO-35)
sister kidnapped in Andros's childhood (see Karone)
locket which contained a photo of Karone (see Astronema/Karone's locket)


Andros demonstrated the ability to telekinetically move light objects1, an ability which he attributed to having "practiced for years"2. He was able to use this ability in both morphed and unmorphed forms3.


In Space

As the Red Ranger, Andros infiltrated Dark Specter's banquet to learn about Zordon's fate4. He reluctantly accepted the help of four Rangers from Earth as he searched for Zordon5 (and for his lost sister, Karone6). His fallen ally Zhane eventually awoke from cryogenic suspension7, and Karone was revealed to be Astronema8. Andros later boarded the Dark Fortress, where he seemed to accidentally killed Astronema in battle, and he also shattered Zordon's tube (on Zordon's urging), releasing an energy wave which saved the universe from Dark Specter's forces9. Karone then reawakened, and she and the six Rangers headed for Earth in the Megaship10.

Lost Galaxy

After finding he was too late to stop Deviot from obtaining the Psycho Rangers' data cards, Andros helped Leo against Psycho Red aboard Terra Venture and then reclaimed his Astro Morpher from the Astro Megaship (as did his four teammates shortly thereafter)11. Though the Space Rangers and Galaxy Rangers managed to destroy the Psycho Rangers12, Pink Galaxy Ranger Kendrix was apparently killed in an explosion and her Quasar Saber lost; nonetheless, the Space Rangers departed for Earth (with their Morphers) at this point for unrevealed reasons13.

Wild Force

Andros's reconnaissance on the moon apparently prompted Tommy's Red Ranger mission to stop General Venjix; on this mission, Andros used an Astro Megaship Mark II "fresh off the construction yards of KO-35" and was joined by Alpha 714.


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