Angel Grove

city protected by Zordon's Rangers

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Angel Grove High School
high school attended by Ranger teens (see Angel Grove High School)
Command Center
structure in the mountains outside Angel Grove (see Command Center)


Angel Grove
"Return of the Green Ranger"
Angel Grove
"Wild West Rangers"

Angel Grove's past was visited on the following occasions:

  • The Rock of Time turned the teens into children, apparently regressing Angel Grove (and the rest of the Earth) several years along with them.1
  • The Wizard of Deception sent the Rangers back to the "township" of Angel Grove, a colonial-era town in the "late 1700s" (per Billy's guess).2
  • Kimberly visited Angel Grove in the year 1880; at this point, it was an Old West town populated by the modern team's ancestors (see Wild West Rangers).3
  • The Orb of Doom later regressed the Earth once again, similar to the Rock of Time's regression.4


MMPR seasons 1–3

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers protected Angel Grove from the attacks of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd5.


As time was regressed under the effects of the Orb of Doom, the Alien Rangers protected Angel Grove6, much to the appreciation of its populace7. (It's unclear whether anyone remembered the Alien Rangers after the regression was undone.)


The Zeo Rangers protected Angel Grove from the Machine Empire8.


The Turbo Rangers protected Angel Grove from Divatox and her forces9. (Notably, Divatox's subcraft may have been hidden in Angel Grove Lake for some of this time10.)

In Space

Though the Space Rangers spent some of their time away from Earth, they nonetheless protected Angel Grove from Astronema's forces11. Angel Grove was later a pivotal location in the Rangers' struggle to stop Dark Specter and Astronema's final invasion12.

Wild Force

Tommy's Red Ranger gathering occurred at a NASADA facility which may have been in Angel Grove13.

Operation Overdrive

Adam recovered Alpha 6 from a crate in a warehouse in Angel Grove14.


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