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Last Name Garcia (or GarcĂ­a?)1



Years after receiving the Octozord from his childhood friend Jayden2, Antonio returned with the intent of serving as a Samurai Ranger3 (using a self-made Samurai Morpher4). Antonio was eventually accepted by the team5; while serving as the Gold Ranger, he befriended Deker6 before realizing his identity7, and it was Antonio who twice persuaded Deker to delay his duel with Jayden8.

Super Samurai

Antonio was instrumental in completing the black box9, as well as the Claw Zord10 and Light Zord11. Despite learning of his role in Serrator's master plan12, Antonio twice found himself unable to attack Deker13, and though Deker initially rebuffed Antonio's pleas, Deker did ultimately save the world by turning on Serrator14. Following a reluctant partnership with Jayden's replacement Lauren15, Antonio eventually left (with his Morpher) for an around-the-world fishing cruise16.


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