Astro Megaship

spaceship used by the Space Rangers (and later the Galaxy Rangers)

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Associated Characters/Elements

DECA camera
Astro Megashuttle
with boosters
Astro Megazord
Astro Megaship
Mark II
artificial intelligence which helped operate the Megaship
Mega Lasers
lasers fired by the Megaship
Mega Accelerator
Megaship's engine
Astro Megashuttle
space shuttle obtained from NASADA; could be stored inside Megaship
Astro Megazord
robot combination of Megaship and Megashuttle; could combine with Delta Megazord
simulation chamber used for training and recreation
creatures accidentally released from the Simudeck during a lightning storm; could fuse into a giant Craterite
Power Vault
vault where the Space Rangers' Astro Morphers were stored for some time during Lost Galaxy
Astro Megaship Mark II
seemingly identical copy of Megaship used by Andros during General Venjix mission



The former Turbo Rangers received the Astro Megashuttle from NASADA as they sought to chase Divatox into space1.

In Space

In space, the Rangers encountered Andros and his Astro Megaship, which was revealed to combine with the Megashuttle with the use of a black box Alpha 6 had salvaged from the Power Chamber2. The Megaship (and Megazord) continued to be used by the Space Rangers on their search for Zordon3. After the defeat of Astronema's forces, the Rangers were seen heading back to Earth in the Megaship4.

Lost Galaxy

An unspecified amount of time later, Alpha 6 (and mechanic Damon) worked in the Astro Megaship (on Terra Venture?) as it functioned as a museum, but the Megaship was returned to use by the Galaxy Rangers during their voyage5. The former Space Rangers later reclaimed their Astro Morphers from the Megaship's Power Vault6, and the Astro Megazord was seen in use once more (it then once again ceased to be used after the Space Rangers departed for Earth)7. During Trakeena's final assault, the Rangers self-destructed the Megaship in a failed attempt to destroy the Scorpion Stinger8.

Wild Force

For Tommy's mission to stop General Venjix on the moon, Andros introduced the Astro Megaship Mark II, which was reportedly "fresh off the construction yards of KO-35" (it was also reportedly the fastest spaceship in the galaxy)9. This Megaship served to transport the Red Rangers to the moon, and it was also where members of Tommy's squad were briefed (Alpha 7 was seen inside during this time)10.


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