villainous alter ego of Karone; served Dark Specter

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Associated Characters/Elements

Dark Specter

Dark Specter was an evil overlord who directed Astronema1. He also brought together numerous other villains, including Rita and Zedd, Divatox, and the Machine Empire2. His resemblance to Maligore (see costume recycling) was commented upon by Divatox3.

Dark Specter


Ecliptor was a robotic warrior who was fiercely loyal to Astronema4.

First form
Second form
Cyborg form
Red Ecliptor
"The Impenetrable Web"


Darkonda was a deceptive agent5 who originally kidnapped Karone as a child6.

Mutated Darkonda
"Flashes of Darkonda"
temporary fusion of Ecliptor and Darkonda7

Other Characters/Elements

Dark Fortress
One appearance
Dark Fortress
Another appearance
Secret City
Early In Space
Late In Space
Astronema's non-villainous alter ego (see Karone)
Dark Fortress
Astronema's orbital base8
beam from Dark Fortress which enlarged monsters below9
Astronema's bumbling assistant10 (see Elgar)
creature kept in the Dark Fortress; occasionally used to punish Elgar11
Astronema's robotic (?) foot soldiers12
small attack craft piloted by Quantrons13
Secret City
hidden city used during Astronema's plan to digitize captured humans14


Most monsters listed below were among forces serving Astronema. Unless otherwise noted, monsters were enlarged (when applicable) by the Dark Fortress's Satellasers. No monster names appeared in end credits, but names marked with an asterisk appeared in summaries found on an international VCD release. Names in brackets were monster-like roles fulfilled by what were arguably non-monsters.

Monster Featured Episode Notes
[Ecliptor] Save Our Ship survived giant explosion despite bits being seen scattered after Astro Megazord Saber strike
Electrotramp Shell Shocked name from this episode's preview; destroyed by his own energy blast hurled back by the Ninja Turtles, wasn't enlarged
[Ecliptor] (again) Never Stop Searching retreated after blasted in giant size with Mega Lasers
Clawhammer* Satellite Search possibly native to the planet Kalderon, only shown in giant size; thrown in a lava lake
Voltage Hog A Ranger Among Thieves spelled "Voltagehog" in VCD summary; destroyed in giant size by thrown Astro Megazord Saber
Elephantitan* When Push Comes to Shove
[Craterites]* The Craterite Invasion fused into a single giant, destroyed when leader shot with Astro Megazord Blaster
Waspicable* The Wasp with a Heart kind-hearted monster, didn't want to fight; wasn't defeated or enlarged
Sting King The Wasp with a Heart spelled "Stingking" in VCD summary
Crocovile* The Delta Discovery green Crocatox was enlarged alone, then split into green and brown when hit with Astro Megazord Saber; both destroyed by Astro Megazord Blaster and Delta Megazord gatlings
Destructipede The Great Evilyzer name given by ADR coordinator; first monster destroyed (in giant form) by Astro Delta Megazord
illusion monsters The Great Evilyzer assorted monsters summoned (in both sizes) by Destructipede (Power Driller, Fearog, Clawhammer, Behemoth); names given by ADR coordinator; exploded upon Destructipede's destruction
Mamamite* Grandma Matchmaker wasn't enlarged following destruction by Quadroblaster and Spiral Saber Booster Mode
Termitis* Grandma Matchmaker destroyed in giant size by Astro Delta Megazord (after freezing by Astro Megazord Blaster)
Barillian Bug* The Barillian Sting enlarged by Darkonda; "Barillian" spelling used in episode title
[Darkliptor] T.J.'s Identity Crisis
[mutated Darkonda] Flashes of Darkonda; The Rangers' Mega Voyage grew in mutated form after drinking tainted strength potion15; first giant enemy destroyed by Mega Voyager16
Mutantrus* Flashes of Darkonda; The Rangers' Mega Voyage name from VCD only; spawned (in giant size) from giant mutated Darkonda17; destroyed by Mega V1 missiles
Lionizer* True Blue to the Rescue
Body Switcher* Invasion of the Body Switcher could switch people's appearances
Lunatick* Survival of the Silver being from the planet Kadix, hostile to the Rangers; name (capitalized "LunaTick") from VCD only; apparently grew under his own power
Crocatox* Red with Envy dispatched by Darkonda; one red, one blue (among thousands he planned to hatch); only blue was enlarged
Preying Mantis* The Silver Secret not sure if pun or misspelling
Destructoid A Date with Danger not shown defeated or enlarged; name given in recaps18
Horror Bull* (1 of 2) A Date with Danger wasn't enlarged after destruction by Spiral Saber Booster Mode and Quadroblaster
Horror Bull* (2 of 2) A Date with Danger grew under his own power?
Coralizer* Zhane's Destiny
Lizwizard* Always a Chance could switch places with others; spelled both "Lizwizard" and "Wizlizard" in VCD summary
Batarax The Secret of the Locket
Spikey* Astronema Thinks Twice name might have been a nickname from Andros, but VCD restated the name
Frightwing Dark Specter's Revenge, part 2
owl monster Rangers Gone Psycho grew under his own power?
[Psycho Rangers] Rangers Gone PsychoThe Enemy Within; Mission to Secret City; Ghosts in the Machine took on giant monster forms when enlarged with Satellasers following normal-sized defeats
Datascammer Carlos on Call
Jakarak* Andros and the Stowaway tried to capture Seymour as his servant
Vacsacker* Mission to Secret City
[Psycho Rangers] (again) Ghosts in the Machine didn't grow (but did take on normal-sized monster forms); re-digitized into data cards
[red Ecliptor] (again) The Impenetrable Web grew (under his own power?), later shrank when out of power, then defeated in small size (but survived)
Tankenstein A Line in the Sand was initially a black Humvee which teleported people to a desert; after his destruction in this form (by Galactic Rover), Satellasers rebuilt him in giant robot form; self-destructed after being stabbed in the head with his own sword


In Space

At Dark Specter's banquet, Astronema was tasked with pursuing the infiltrator Andros19, and the Space Rangers then contended with Astronema's repeated attacks on Earth (including battles with Ecliptor)20. To Ecliptor's chagrin, Astronema later accepted Darkonda as her advisor21 (until his defeat by the Rangers22). Astronema later learned she was Andros's sister Karone23, and Ecliptor opted to defend her as she helped the Rangers escape from Darkonda24. Both Ecliptor and Karone were soon re-captured and brainwashed with cyborg implants25, and Astronema subsequently unleashed the Psycho Rangers in a ploy to destroy the Rangers while also draining Dark Specter's energy26. During Dark Specter's final assault on the universe, Darkonda used his last life attempting to destroy Dark Specter (both were destroyed); Astronema was then apparently killed (accidentally) in battle with Andros27. Zordon's energy wave then wiped out Astronema's forces, and Astronema awakened as Karone28.

Lost Galaxy

Karone disguised herself as Astronema while attempting to recover the lost pink Quasar Saber on Onyx29. She later reflected on previous misdeeds she'd performed alongside Ecliptor30.


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