Blue MMPR, later the Zeo Rangers' technical expert

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Last Name Cranston (never stated in-show, but listed on Power Rangers website, other official materials?)

Associated Characters/Elements

girl Billy rescued and took to a dance1
leader of Angelettes wilderness troop; Billy's romantic interest for a time2
old friend of Billy's, helped translate a tag on Adam's family lantern3
Billy's great-great-great-grandfather (see Wild West Rangers)
girl who had a crush on Billy (and sculpted him as a fictional Gold Ranger)4
Billy's Aquitian love interest (see Cestria)


MMPR seasons 1–3

Billy and his friends battled Rita and Zedd's forces as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers5.


When the teens were reverted into children by the Orb of Doom, Billy used the Power Coins and a device of his own invention to restore his age (the device broke before it could restore his teammates)6. Billy then remained behind as the other kids retrieved Zeo subcrystals to restore time7. During the destruction of the Command Center, Billy threw himself on a console (to save Alpha 5 from harm?) but appeared to escape unharmed8.


Due to a shortage of Zeo subcrystals, Billy stepped down as a Ranger, serving instead as the Zeo Rangers' technical assistant in the Power Chamber9. Soon after graduating early from Angel Grove High, Billy accompanied Cestro to Aquitar10, where he peacefully resolved a Hydro Contaminator conflict11 before returning home12. When the Gold Ranger powers needed a new host, Billy was found to be incompatible due to particles he'd absorbed during the Command Center's destruction13. In time, Billy began aging rapidly due to side effects from his restoration device, and he sought treatment on Aquitar; though the treatment was ultimately successful, Billy chose to remain on Aquitar with his romantic interest Cestria14.


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