Blue Senturion

robotic police officer who assisted the Turbo Rangers

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Known Power-Users self (no known Ranger Key)

Associated Characters/Elements

Blue Senturion
on bike
Blaster Mode
Robo Racer
Battle Mode
Intergalactic Police
organization with which Blue Senturion was affiliated
Patrol bike
Blue Senturion's motorcycle
Senturion Synergizer
handheld light device which could transform into a sword or laser pistol
Robo Racer
Blue Senturion's Zord-like giant patrol car; could transform into a robot

Millennium Message

The Millennium Message was a message sent with the Blue Senturion from the (then-future) year 2000; it warned of an evil alliance which threatened the universe and revealed a force that stood in their way.1

Millennium Message
playing as Divatox watches
Millennium Message
First playing
Millennium Message
Second playing
Millennium Message
Third playing



Following a crash-landing after his ship emerged from an interdimensional warp, the Blue Senturion reported having been sent from the future with an urgent message for Dimitria; Divatox learned the full contents of the message, but the Rangers and Dimitria were only able to view a portion2. Though Justin anticipated finding a way to return him to his own galaxy3, the Blue Senturion continued to help the Turbo Rangers on Earth4 until he accompanied Dimitria to Eltar5.

In Space

The Blue Senturion (or a lookalike officer) struggled against Machine Empire forces alongside the Phantom Ranger on the Phantom's home planet6.


The Blue Senturion (or a lookalike officer) appeared in a video game Jack and Sky were playing (or this was just standard costume recycling)7.

Super Megaforce

Unlike other Rangers and Ranger allies, the Blue Senturion had no known Ranger Key. He was also not seen during the Legendary Battle.


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