Green SPD Ranger (later Blue, then Red)

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Last Name Carson1


Due to SPD experimentation which altered one (or both) of his parents' DNA2, Bridge possessed certain psychic abilities (only used in unmorphed form, and always after removing his right glove3):

  • He could pass his bare hand across his field of vision to view the auras of people (and aliens), the colors of which revealed to him some degree of information about their character4. This ability could also simply allow him to see suspects through obstacles or disguises5.
  • With a similar motion, he could also view residual energy (auras?) left behind by suspects, allowing him to track them by their prior movements6. On one occasion, he also viewed the future actions of Krybots to avoid their attacks in battle7.
  • He could touch his bare fingers to his temple to hear the residual thoughts of people (or aliens) who had previously been in a location8.
  • He had a series of premonitory dreams regarding a threat posed by a trio of robots9.



As part of B-Squad, Bridge was assigned the role of Green Ranger10. His original suspicion regarding the auras of A-Squad11 proved to be founded when A-Squad later betrayed SPD12. Following Jack's retirement, Bridge took on the role of Blue Ranger after Sky was promoted to Red13.

Operation Overdrive

Courtesy of time travel of some sort, Bridge was later part of the Sentinel Knight's replacement Ranger team while the Overdrive Rangers were de-powered; Bridge explained he'd been promoted to Red Ranger after Sky had been promoted to Commander Cruger's former position14.


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