Bulk and Skull

bumbling duo, originally attended high school with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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Bulk Skull
First Name Farcus (or Farkas?)1 Eugene2
Last Name Bulkmeier3 Skullovitch4

Associated Characters/Elements

Lt. Stone

Lt. Stone was Bulk and Skull's taskmaster while they were in the Junior Police Patrol. Later, he ran a detective agency (as "Detective Stone"); after that, he ran the Juice Bar (again as "Lt. Stone" or simply "Jerome").

Lt. Stone
Season 3
Det. Stone

Professor Phenomenus

Professor Phenomenus was an eccentric scientist for whom Bulk and Skull worked as assistants for a time.



Phenomenus's van


Spike was Skull's son circa the time of Samurai and Super Samurai. He trained with his so-called "Uncle Bulk" to learn the supposed ways of the samurai.

Bulk and Spike

Other Characters/Elements

Incredible Bulkster and Super Skull
Bulk and Skull's superhero alter egos (season 1)
One-Eyed Bulk and Doc Skullovitch
outlaws in 1880; ancestors of Bulk and Skull
Patrol bike
Bulk and Skull's motorcycle with sidecar; used mostly during Junior Police career
Skull's cousin, from whom Bulk and Skull received the patrol bike


MMPR season 1

Bulk and Skull attended Angel Grove High School with the Ranger teens, serving as some mixture between bullies and class clowns5.

MMPR season 2

Following an encounter with the Power Rangers, Bulk and Skull sought to gain fame by discovering the Rangers' identities6; most of their plans failed (though with some near misses)7. On one particular occasion, though, Bulk and Skull not only discovered the Rangers' identities but saved their lives as well, though their memories of the incident were then mostly erased8.

MMPR season 3

Seeking to impress girls, Bulk and Skull joined the Junior Police Patrol, in which Lt. Stone served as their superior9. The duo managed to help people on a few occasions, including actually catching a car thief and returning Kimberly's stolen car10.


While time was turned back due to the Orb of Doom, young Bulk and Skull became fans of the Alien Rangers11.


Shortly after time was restored, Bulk and Skull acquired a patrol bike, and amnesia-stricken Rito and Goldar agreed to work as their butlers in exchange for housing12. Later, when Bulk and Skull's mess caused Lt. Stone to lose his job, Bulk and Skull quit as well13, and Stone then started his own detective agency, with Bulk and Skull as his detectives14. Eventually, Rito and Goldar recovered their memories and left15. Bulk and Skull later acquired detective's licenses16 and, feeling unappreciated, left Detective Stone's agency to accept a mission off the coast of France17.


Some time later, Bulk and Skull were again working as officers under Lt. Stone, who noted their "luck in getting re-hired"18. Shortly after witnessing Divatox's subcraft submerging itself near Angel Grove, Bulk and Skull were turned into chimps by Elgar19; they then began hanging around Lt. Stone20, who soon took over the Juice Bar21. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to get the Power Rangers' attention22, a nearby strike by Divatox's torpedoes returned Bulk and Skull to humans23 (though temporarily invisible24). Bulk and Skull then tried to find work but were fired repeatedly25.

In Space

After spotting the Dark Fortress (which they regarded as a UFO)26, Bulk and Skull began assisting Professor Phenomenus on his search for aliens27. During Astronema's invasion of Earth, Bulk and Skull foiled her search for the Rangers by claiming to be Rangers (Phenomenus and other citizens joined in as well)28. Astonished when the actual Rangers (T.J. and friends) revealed their identities, Bulk and Skull then led a civilian charge to aid the Rangers against Astronema's forces29. They also congratulated the unmorphed teens in the aftermath and may or may not have seen Andros bringing Karone out of the Dark Fortress30.

Lost Galaxy

Bulk and Phenomenus boarded Terra Venture as passengers (Skull was left behind, having overslept)31; the pair was later seen working in the Comet Cafe, where they came to know Mike32. Bulk and the professor later survived the evacuation to Mirinoi33 and were seen congratulating the Galaxy Rangers34.

Wild Force

Years later on Earth, Bulk and Skull exchanged (shared) stories at "Club Bulkmeier," a beach club apparently owned by Bulk and frequented by Tommy (whom they were reluctant to disturb)35.


Much later, Bulk was living in Panorama City when Skull's teenaged son Spike arrived by bus; his "Uncle Bulk" agreed to train Spike in the ways of the samurai36 (which he did with less than spectacular results37). After the duo believed themselves responsible for plugging an evil geyser, Bulk and Spike dubbed themselves "true samurai"38. Skull later arrived in a limousine to pick up Spike, inviting Bulk to visit39.


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