Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm)

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Real Name Cameron1
Last Name Watanabe2

Associated Characters/Elements

Cam's father (see Sensei)
Cam's deceased mother (see Miko)
Ninja Ops
facility often manned by Cam (see Ninja Ops)
Cam's evil uncle (see Lothor)
cybernetic fill-in for Cam after he became a Ranger


Ninja Storm

After Lothor's attack on the Wind Ninja Academy3, Cam helped his father in Ninja Ops4, though he grew frustrated with his father's promise keep Cam from danger5. When the Rangers' powers were stolen, Cam used the Scroll of Time to travel into the past, where he encountered his parents as ninja students and recovered the Samurai Amulet6. Then serving as the Green Samurai Ranger, Cam created Cyber-Cam to help in Ninja Ops7. Like the other Rangers, Cam later lost his powers in the final battle with Lothor8. After graduating, Cam remained at the academy in a teacher-like role9.

Dino Thunder

When Lothor escaped and put a spell over the Wind Rangers10, Cam (having previously been in contact with Hayley11) used a communication device to summon Hunter and Blake, who helped him reclaim the Samurai Amulet from the Abyss of Evil and break the spell over the Wind Rangers12. Following a team-up battle with the Dino Rangers (after which the Ninja powers were left exhausted), Cam and the others visited the Dino team and Hayley in their lair13.


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