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Last Name Vallerte (never stated in-show, but listed on Power Rangers website, other official materials?)

Associated Characters/Elements

young girl who blackmailed Carlos into spending time with her



A student at Angel Grove High and friend of Ashley1, Carlos was selected to replace Adam as the Green Turbo Ranger2. He later ventured into space with his teammates aboard the Astro Megashuttle3.

In Space

Carlos and his teammates joined with Andros as Space Rangers (Carlos now as the Black Ranger) in Andros's mission to rescue Zordon4. The team was joined by Andros, Karone, and Zhane on their return trip to Earth following their victory over Astronema's forces5.

Lost Galaxy

Carlos and his teammates followed Andros to Terra Venture, where they reclaimed their Astro Morphers to battle the Psycho Rangers6. Soon thereafter, the team ultimately departed for Earth (with their Morphers) despite the apparent death of Kendrix7.


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