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Last Name Rhodes (never stated in-show, but listed on Power Rangers website, other official materials?)


In addition to his kung fu skills as a Pai Zhua practitioner, Casey was (eventually) able to project his animal spirit, the Tiger, to attack his enemies; he could do this while morphed or unmorphed1. He could also sense and identify animal spirits within other people2. (Any additional abilities he had in Super Megaforce are debatable; see below.)


Jungle Fury

A novice at Pai Zhua, Casey was chosen over Jarrod to join Lily and Theo as a guardian of Dai Shi; Jarrod's jealous rage then freed Dai Shi, requiring the trio to train with R.J. as Jungle Fury Rangers3. When his tiger spirit was later drained by Whiger4, Casey reclaimed it and earned Whiger's friendship by saving his life5. After failing his Master's test6, Casey stormed Dai Shi's temple and helped Jarrod escape from Dai Shi's control, an act of defiance which earned Casey his Master's stripes7; Casey then began teaching at Pai Zhua after Dai Shi's defeat8.

Super Megaforce

At a zoo (in Harwood County?), Casey was seen cleaning a tiger enclosure (with a tiger beside him); outside, he donned a jacket bearing a Jungle Fury logo and was later seen teaching an outdoor kung fu class9. Noting he specialized in weapons-free combat, he agreed to Emma and Jake's request for training, revealing their animal spirits in the process10. Soon, a zoo employee denied anyone named Casey had worked there, and Emma and Jake then saw a vision of Casey which vanished before their eyes11.


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