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Last Name Evans1

Associated Characters/Elements

Evanses and Dr. Adler
Old photo
researchers (Richard and Elizabeth Evans) who died in the Amazon
Dr. Adler
parents' colleague who killed them with the powers of Master Org


Cole was able to sense the feelings of animals and people2; this ability allowed him to determine that Orgs lacked hearts3 and that Ransik's wish to help against the Mut-Orgs was genuine4.


Wild Force

Cole departed his (Amazonian?) village in search of his parents in Turtle Cove; there, he was recruited by the Wild Force Rangers to become the Red Ranger5. He soon learned of the Orgs (and got a haircut)6, and he eventually discovered that his parents were apparently dead7. Some time after learning that Dr. Adler had killed his parents8, Cole left flowers at Adler's grave, wishing him peace; he then reportedly "continued to use his skills to help animals wherever he went"9.


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