communication and teleportation devices used by Zordon's Rangers

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Zeo Rangers' Morphers; one side appeared to replace the communicator when a teen prepared to morph1
Turbo Morphers
Turbo Rangers' Morphers; appeared to replace the communicator when a teen prepared to morph2
Astro Morphers
Space Rangers' Morphers; appeared to replace the communicator when a teen prepared to morph (or used the Astro Morpher for another purpose, or wore his/her Megaship uniform)3

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MMPR season 1

Not long after becoming a Ranger, Billy invented devices intended to allow communication with the Command Center, but they accidentally tapped into the teleportation unit (Zordon commended the invention but had Alpha 5 make some adjustments for regular use)4. Each of the five communicators bore wristband stripes colored to match its respective owner5; Billy issued a green-striped communicator to Tommy when he joined the team6.

MMPR season 2

After returning as the White Ranger, Tommy sported a white-striped communicator7, and Rocky, Adam, and Aisha were seen wearing respectively-striped communicators after becoming Rangers8. Tommy's clone (created by the Wizard of Deception) wore a functional green-striped communicator9.

MMPR season 3

Some time after becoming the Pink Ranger, Katherine was seen wearing a pink-striped communicator10.


While time was turned back due to the Orb of Doom, the kid Rangers' communicators failed to work (Billy explained the communicators were designed to work in conjunction with their powers, which no longer existed)11; nonetheless, the kid Rangers continued to wear the communicators throughout the regression12. On her Zeo quest, Aisha apparently kept her communicator as she sent Tanya in her place13.


After the teens' first battle as Zeo Rangers, their wardrobe colors and communicator stripes were changed to reflect their new color assignments (and Tanya began wearing a yellow-striped communicator)14. Though he was no longer a Ranger, Billy continued to wear a blue-striped communicator15. While Jason served as the Gold Ranger, he wore a gold communicator with black stripes16. During a flash-forward, Tommy and Kat's future grandson – dressed in red – wore what resembled a standard communicator (stripes not discernible) which chimed to call him away17.


After Justin replaced Rocky as the Blue Ranger, Justin wore a blue-striped communicator18, while Rocky wore none19. After becoming Rangers, the new Turbo teens wore communicators20; they retained them on their trip into space21.

In Space

When the Space Rangers (including Andros) wore civilian clothes, communicators matching their new colors were regularly worn in place of their Astro Morphers22. During this time, the communicators' chimes sounded like the Astro Morphers rather than their original chimes23. When the Rangers made Karone an honorary Ranger, they presented her with a purple-striped communicator24.

Wild Force

During Tommy's Red Ranger mission, Jason appeared to be wearing a communicator (stripes not discernible)25.

Super Megaforce

In civilian clothes prior to appearing as the Green Ranger in the Legendary Battle, Tommy was seen wearing a white shirt with a white-striped communicator (he also held Saba at one point)26. Before appearing in the battle as Space Rangers, Cassie and T.J. were seen in civilian clothes without communicators27. No other Zordon-era Rangers were seen in civilian clothes.


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