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Last Name McKnight1

Associated Characters/Elements

Ninja Storm
Dino Thunder
Conner's twin brother; briefly attended Wind Ninja Academy2
environmentalist; Conner's romantic interest3


Upon bonding with the red Dino Gem, Conner acquired superhuman speed (and martial arts prowess, apparently)4. He used his superspeed power occasionally (only in unmorphed form)5.


Ninja Storm

A teen resembling Conner (credited as "Eric") was a new student at the Wind Ninja Academy following Lothor's defeat (he used the word "dude," arguably as the counterpart for Dustin in his group)6. Later, Conner would mention an airheaded twin brother who had failed to complete his ninja school training7.

Dino Thunder

Assigned detention for skipping class to practice soccer, Conner was with Kira and Ethan when the group stumbled upon Dr. Oliver's lair and became Dino Rangers8. Later in the year, after Mesogog's defeat (a battle which drained his powers), Conner attended senior prom9.


The following year, Conner attended a high school reunion, having been struggling to raise money for an after-school soccer program for kids10. At this point, Conner and his teammates were transported into the future, where Conner learned from the SPD Rangers that the Conner McKnight soccer camps would become well-known nationwide (though he lost his memory of this encounter upon returning to his time)11. (Conner also met the SPD Rangers when they time-traveled back to a point within the events of Dino Thunder, but his memory was wiped once again12.)


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