domed city protected by the RPM Rangers

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Associated Characters/Elements

Col. Truman
Colonel Mason Truman
acting leader of Corinth (first name from opening credits)
Corporal Hicks
assistant to Col. Truman
command tower operator (one of several)
Eagle Squadron
Corinth air support decimated by Venjix forces, led by Marcus Truman1


"The wasteland"2 (also known as "the wastelands"3 and "the waste"4) was the ravaged area outside Corinth's dome.

Omega City
Venjix's palace
(located in wasteland)
Omega City
ruined city located in the wasteland



Three years after the Venjix virus had been unleashed, survivors of Venjix's ongoing war on mankind sought refuge in the domed city of Corinth as its shield was raised5. One year after that, Ziggy encountered Dillon in the wasteland outside Corinth, and both took refuge in the city6. As the RPM Rangers countered Venjix's attempted break-ins7, Colonel Truman sought to "outlast" Venjix in some way8, but many humans in the dome were eventually revealed to be robotic hybrids engineered by Venjix at some point ("perhaps during the war")9. Shortly after Venjix was destroyed (crushed by the dome's command tower), the environment outside the dome began to recover, and Dillon, Summer, and (the woman formerly known as) Tenaya somewhere encountered a seemingly thriving wilderness10.

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In a special which was set within the events of Super Samurai, Scott (and others?) battled Professor Cog in "another dimension" where robots threatened humanity11 (seemingly the setting of RPM). Cog then rode a subway train across dimensions (observing afterward, "So this is Earth"); hoping to poison (as Scott put it) "the last people left" in his dimension on behalf of an unnamed master, Cog apparently sent some amount of Sanzu River water into his dimension before being destroyed by Scott and the Samurai Rangers (after the Samurai Rangers had briefly visited Scott's team in his dimension)12. It's unknown when this teamup occurred relative to the events of RPM (but see discussion below).


When did "Clash of the Red Rangers" take place, relative to the events of RPM?

Here's what we know13:

  • The special began with the following narration: "In another dimension where robots are threatening humanity, the RPM Rangers are the last hope to protect their world against evil." Despite Venjix's defeat in the RPM finale14, Professor Cog bore the Venjix emblem and spoke of an unnamed master. If the special occurred after the RPM finale, did Venjix return (see discussion at Venjix), or was Cog serving a different master?
  • If the special occurred after the RPM finale, were the RPM Morphers reactivated following their being locked in a case by Dr. K? Were the Rangers (notably Dillon and Summer, who left Corinth) reassembled after going their separate ways in the finale? How would Dr. K have addressed the red light (Venjix?) in Scott's Morpher?
  • Despite the blue sky seen following Venjix's defeat in the RPM finale, the environment appeared orangish and arid during Professor Cog's showdown with the Megazord (but arguably this appearance could have matched a sunset in any desert — wasteland or not — befitting of the Western-style showdown?).
  • The Skyrev Megazord was used against Professor Cog (it lacked the horns, dino arms, and foot attachments of the RPM Ultrazord). This suggests a placement at least after "Three's a Crowd" (Skyrev's debut).
  • Scott's Nitro Blaster was briefly seen bearing the mammoth-like number 10 (which would generally indicate it had been fitted with an Engine Cell associated with the first component of the Paleozord). Unless this detail is overlooked or the #10 engine cell somehow predated the Paleozord's debut, a placement at least after "Ancient History" would seem appropriate.

Why didn't Scott demorph in "Clash of the Red Rangers?" Something about the air of Corinth?

Saying he didn't know whether he could breathe the air, Scott explained that in his own dimension, "we've been forced to live in a domed city just to avoid the toxic atmosphere the robots have created"15; there was no further elaboration (and it's up to you whether his explanation even makes any sense, in or out of the context of RPM).

How toxic were the wastelands in RPM?

During the period between the raising of Corinth's shields16 and the defeat of Venjix17, humans appeared able to survive unprotected in the wastelands (at least for a few hours?)18. While driving through the wastelands, Dillon was initially wearing a gas mask, which he removed after a scanner reported "tox screen clear" (did his sighting of a wildflower prompt this scan?)19. On the other hand, Ziggy noted radiation which interfered with compasses and radio transmissions20, and children in an orphanage were seen bedridden (or wheelchair-ridden) with "child gamma sickness"21.

What was "gamma sickness?" Radiation poisoning?

In real life, gamma radiation can cause radiation poisoning, but the specific term "gamma sickness" was unique to RPM (and not elaborated upon)22. We know none of the following about this illness:

  • Was it acquired before or after Corinth's shields were raised?
  • Was it contagious?
  • What were its effects (other than apparent weakness)? Was it fatal?
  • Could adults acquire the disease? (The orphanage nurse called it "child gamma sickness," but Ziggy then merely called it "gamma sickness.")
  • How many children outside the orphanage acquired the disease? (Ziggy asked how many of the children had the sickness, to which the answer was apparently, "all of them,23" referring to all of the children in the orphanage?)

How did the environment in the wastelands clear up so quickly after Venjix's defeat?

Although the sky appeared to turn blue over the course of a few in-show seconds24, this transition arguably could have been a time-lapse over an unknown period of time. We also don't know the trigger for the change: although Venjix's palace was seen to produce ample exhaust25, we don't know what became of the palace following Venjix's defeat (although it could be noted that Gem and Gemma had recently discovered its location26 and had not yet been seen acting on this knowledge). All we do know is that at some point before the RPM Rangers parted ways, and with the sky now blue, Hicks's scanner outside the dome reported, "oxygen levels normal"27.

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