Dai Shi

villain whose forces battled the Jungle Fury Rangers

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Known Power-Users Jarrod (no known Ranger Key)

Associated Characters/Elements

Dai Shi's temple
Rinshi form
Dai Shi's base of operations; reportedly the place where he was originally imprisoned1
foot soldiers resembling Jianshi (hopping zombies); gained ability to transform into monsters when an animal spirit medallion was attached to a Rinshi's head


Jarrod was the Pai Zhua student whose body Dai Shi possessed; he eventually struggled against Dai Shi.

Jungle Fury


Camille was Dai Shi's loyal servant, though her fondness eventually shifted to Jarrod. Her animal spirit was the chameleon.

Jungle Fury
Warrior form
with phoenix power
Known Power-Users Camille (no known Ranger Key)
fly-like creature normally inside Camille's stomach; befriended by R.J.2; later turned back into a human after Camille turned good3


Shadow Guards
(Carnisoar and Jellica's)
Sky Overlord with hawk spirit
Sea Overlord with jellyfish spirit
land Overlord with grizzly bear spirit; resented Dai Shi's weakness
Life Talons
restorative talons possessed by Naja; last three were stolen by Camille, used to revive Overlords
armored warriors revived by Overlords4
power possessed by Grizzaka

Phantom Beast Generals

Crystal Eye
General Scorch
General Snapper
General Whiger
Crystal Eyes
artifacts used to resurrect Phantom Beast Generals (only 3 of 8 were activated)5
general with avalon dragon spirit
general with snapping turtle spirit
general with white tiger spirit
power possessed by Phantom Beast Generals


Most monsters listed below were monsters created by attaching an animal figurine to a Rinshi's head; these monsters could subsequently transform back and forth between monster and [Rinshi forms (the monsters collectively known as the "Five Fingers of Poison" were unique in wearing colored sashes in their Rinshi forms). Normal-sized monsters generally grew under their own power. Names marked with an asterisk were listed in end credits. Names in brackets were monster-like roles fulfilled by what were arguably non-monsters.

Rinshi form
Gakko, Stingerella,
Naja, Toady, Rantipede

Rinshi forms
Name Animal Spirit Featured Episode Notes
Mantor* mantis Welcome to the Jungle, parts 1 & 2 — 
Buffalord* buffalo Sigh of the Tiger — 
Rantipede* centipede (apparently) A Taste of Poison one of the Five Fingers of Poison; had a white sash in Rinshi form
Gakko* gecko (apparently) Can't Win Them All one of the Five Fingers of Poison; had a green sash in Rinshi form
Toady* toad (apparently) Dance the Night Away one of the Five Fingers of Poison; had a yellow sash in Rinshi form; was in love with Stingerella; left his giant battle, later destroyed in normal size 
Stingarella* scorpion (apparently) Dance the Night Away one of the Five Fingers of Poison; had a red sash in Rinshi form; fell in love with Toady 
Naja* cobra Pizza Slice of Life one of the Five Fingers of Poison; had a blue sash in Rinshi form; used a Life Talon to heal himself after being poisoned by Camille; two more used to revive Rantipede and Gakko; last three stolen by Camille; didn't grow upon being destroyed by Camille 
Rantipede* & Gakko* Pizza Slice of Life revived by Naja, neither grew upon being destroyed
Pangolin* pangolin (apparently) Way of the Master — 
Slickagon* eel (apparently) Good Karma, Bad Karma — 
Carden* & Bai Lai* crane, crow Blind Leading the Blind summoned by Carnisoar; white monster was Carden (crane), black was Bai Lai (crow); both left giant battle, later fought in normal size, then re-grew; Bai Lai destroyed, but Carden survived crash-landing (emerged in normal size) 
Carden* (again) crane Pushed to the Edge — 
[Jellica]* jellyfish Pushed to the Edge battled in giant and normal sizes, wasn't defeated 
Crustaceo* hermit crab (apparently) One Master Too Many — 
Mog* frog Ghost of a Chance, part 1 — 
[Shadow Guards] Ghost of a Chance, parts 1 & 2 statue-like warriors activated by Jellica (white) and Carnisoar (blue) 
Hamhock* pig (apparently) Bad to the Bone — 
Porcupongo* porcupine Bad to the Bone — 
Munkeywi* monkey (apparently) Friends Don't Fade Away — 
[Grizzaka's guards] No "I" in Leader two red guards revived by Grizzaka 
Barrakooza* ? True Friends, True Spirits not defeated in giant size, then destroyed in normal size; resurrected and enlarged by Grizzaka's Zocato power; referred to his own "barrakooza spirit" (whatever that is) 
Crocovile* crocodile Path of the Rhino destroyed without growing 
Whirnado* & Whirricane* ostrich (apparently) Dash for the Dagger Whirnado was destroyed in normal size but resurrected and enlarged by Grizzaka's Zocato power; just before his giant destruction, he deposited an egg which later hatched into Whirricane; Whirricane was likewise destroyed, then resurrected and enlarged 
[Carnisoar]* hawk Race to the Nexus destroyed in giant size 
[Grizzaka]* grizzly bear Arise the Crystal Eyes destroyed in giant size 
Sonimax* boar Fear and the Phantoms wasn't defeated in giant size 
Dynamir* ox (apparently) Blue Ranger, Twin Danger — 
Unidoom* unicorn One Last Second Chance destroyed without growing 
[Whiger]* white tiger Tigers Fall, Lions Rise survived defeat in giant size 
Rammer & Badrat* ram, rat The Spirit of Kindness returned to normal size after giant battle; re-grew after normal-sized defeat 
Grinder* monkey Maryl and the Monkeys — 
Sonimax*, Osiris*, Lepus* boar, dog?, rabbit? To Earn Your Stripes attacked Camille; only Lepus escaped destruction by Dai Shi (Jarrod); Lepus was then destroyed by Rangers (battles in both sizes) 
[Scorch]* & [Snapper]* avalon dragon, snapping turtle Path of the Righteous Snapper was apparently destroyed in normal size; Scorch survived apparent destructions in normal size and giant size 
[Scorch]* avalon dragon Now the Final Fury destroyed in normal size, didn't grow 
spirit warriors Now the Final Fury assorted monsters and generals revived by Dai Shi 
[Dai Shi]* dragon? Now the Final Fury took on bodily (dragon) form in giant size


Jungle Fury

Furious over being passed over at Pai Zhua, Jarrod attacked Master Mao, breaking open the box which had contained Dai Shi for 10,000 years; Dai Shi then possessed Jarrod's body and returned to his temple6. Once Camille had stolen three life talons from Naja7, Dai Shi resurrected Carnisoar8 as his mentor9. Rejected by Dai Shi, Camille resurrected Jellica10; later, the two Overlords revived Grizzaka11, who placed himself in charge12. After the defeat of Carnisoar13 and Grizzaka14, Jellica revived three Phantom Beast Generals, who promptly betrayed her15. The generals later imbued Dai Shi with Rinzin power (and, on Dai Shi's insistence, imbued Camille with phoenix powers)16. Whiger later vanished without his Rinzin power (Dai Shi's punishment for failure), but not before repaying Casey for an act of compassion17. As Scorch and Snapper conspired against him18, Jarrod's human side began to show kindness toward Camille, rescuing her from the generals' monsters19; Jarrod then ejected Dai Shi from his body, and Casey and Camille helped Jarrod escape20. After helping destroy Snapper21 and Dai Shi22 (the Rangers destroyed Scorch on their own23), Camille and Jarrod began attending Pai Zhua24.


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