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Last Name Henderson1

Associated Characters/Elements

young stowaway on Terra Venture who briefly worked with Damon2
Damon's rival for a chief mechanic position3


Lost Galaxy

Damon was working as Astro Megaship mechanic (aboard Terra Venture?) when Kai commandeered the ship to help his friends on Mirinoi; Damon subsequently pulled a Quasar Saber to become the Green Galaxy Ranger4. Damon was later invited to serve as Terra Venture's chief mechanic but declined the job as being too hands-off5. Despite the destruction of the Megaship and Terra Venture, Damon and his teammates helped the colonists evacuate safely to Mirinoi, and the Quasar Sabers were returned to their stone6.

Lightspeed Rescue

On Mirinoi, Damon and his teammates reclaimed the Quasar Sabers to help the Lightspeed Rangers battle Trakeena on Earth; the team then returned to Mirinoi7.


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