evil forces who attacked Mariner Bay under the leadership of Queen Bansheera

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Queen Bansheera

Queen Bansheera was the demons' cruel overlord. She took on several forms throughout Lightspeed Rescue.

Spectral form
Partially resurrected
Final form


Impus was Bansheera's infant son. He later transformed into a warrior named Olympius.


Other Characters/Elements

Skull Cavern
(with Star Power)
Demon card
"Trakeena's Revenge"
Skull Cavern
otherworldly lair/palace used as demons' base1
main general2; rejected Olympius's later authority3
Star Power
power (and status symbol) passed between Diabolico and Olympius
warrior; drove a vehicle known as the Vyprari
warrior (pronounced "lokai"); friend to Diabolico
unnamed magic cards used by Jinxer; some summoned monsters4; others resurrected monsters into giant size
demons' foot soldiers
warrior who secretly helped Trakeena
foot soldiers who served Triskull


Tomb of Forever
Ruins (exterior)
Warlock sealing demons
Sorcerer of the Sands
Tomb of Forever
site where the demons were imprisoned by a warlock for 5,000 years
Shadow World
realm of defeated demon spirits, accessible through tomb
Sorcerer of the Sands
sorcerer whose help Ryan sought to imprison the demons (but Diabolico turned him to sand)5

Golden Key

The Golden Key was the key to unlocking the Shadow World; Olympius originally demanded it from Jinxer, but Diabolico then stole it to seal Olympius in the Shadow World6. When Diabolico was later defeated, the key flew to the Tomb of Forever7, where Ryan found it, but Bansheera then took it8. Though Bansheera used the key to open a gateway to the Shadow World, she was ultimately sealed within as Ryan removed the key (with her inside); the key was last seen in Ryan's hand as Bansheera's castle crumbled9.

Golden Key


Ryan was Captain Mitchell's long-lost son, having been taken from Mitchell when Diabolico saved him from a car accident10. He served as the Titanium Ranger, initially under Diabolico's guidance11 but later as an ally to the Lightspeed Rangers12. After departing to research demon imprisonment13, Ryan told the Rangers of Diabolico's resurrection14, sought the help of the Sorcerer of the Sandas15, and informed the Rangers of the golden key's return16.

Lightspeed Rescue
Cobra tattoo
Last Name Mitchell17
Cobra tattoo
curse which threatened Ryan's life as he helped the Rangers


Most monsters listed below were summoned by the demons, generally using cards. Unless otherwise noted, normal-sized monsters exploded into chunks when they were destroyed; a growth card from Jinxer then generally reassembled them in giant form. Names marked with an asterisk were listed in end credits. Names in brackets were monster-like roles fulfilled by what were arguably non-monsters.

Monster Featured Episode Notes
Ghouligan* Operation Lightspeed wasn't enlarged
Magmavore* Lightspeed Teamwork debuted in giant form
Quakemon Trial by Fire after Jinxer used a monster card from Loki, he performed an on-site incantation on rocks, which grew into giant Quakemon (not shown in normal size); name from now-defunct Fox Kids website (neither spoken nor credited in episode)
Whirlin'* Riding the Edge the credits included an apostrophe at the end of Whirlin's name
Fireor* A Matter of Trust reportedly created by Impus
gold beaked monster* Wheels of Destruction wasn't enlarged
Elestomp* Wheels of Destruction wasn't enlarged
Strikning* Cyborg Rangers
Smogger* Up to the Challenge wasn't enlarged
Trifire* Go Volcanic
Magmavore (again) & Trifire (again) Rising from Ashes giant Magmavore resurrected by Queen Bansheera's spirit; Magmavore then resurrected giant Trifire
[Titanium Ranger] From Deep in the Shadows; Truth Discovered
Liztwin Truth Discovered
Demonite*, Falkar*, Thunderon* Ryan's DestinyStrength of the Sun
Troika* The Cobra Strikes
cobra monster* The Cobra Strikes
[Diabolico]* The Cobra Strikes wasn't destroyed in normal size; apparently grew under his own power
Thunderclaw* Olympius Ascends
Shockatron* A Face from the Past
Spellbinder* The Queen's Return wasn't destroyed in normal size; apparently grew under his own power
Moleman* The Fifth Crystal wasn't enlarged
Cyclopter* The Chosen Path
Mantevil* Yesterday Again
Vilevine* As Time Runs Out
Freezard* In the Freeze Zone
Infinitor* The Mighty Mega Battles
Bird Bane* The Great Egg Caper
[Triskull]* Trakeena's Revenge, parts 1 & 2 fell to Battle Booster punch but wasn't shown exploding (or growing)
[Trakeena]* Trakeena's Revenge, part 2 grew in giant monster form due to Olympius's poison
Memorase* The Last Ranger
Gatekeeper* Sorcerer of the Sands; Olympius Unbound trapped the Rangers in the Shadow World for a time18; later accompanied Olympius out of the Shadow World and grew alongside him but wasn't shown being defeated19
monster spirits Sorcerer of the Sands assorted monster spirits summoned by the Gatekeeper in the Shadow World; three escaped the Shadow World and appeared in giant size (purple monster, Fireor, Liztwin)
[Olympius] Olympius Unbound grew using power remotely siphoned from the Lightspeed Aquabase; survived his giant-sized defeat (though barely)
Aquafiend* Neptune's Daughter
Arachnor* Web War wasn't enlarged
Treevil* In the Limelight
[Loki]* Wrath of the Queen wasn't enlarged
[Queen Bansheera]* Wrath of the Queen appeared in giant size following a Battle Booster punch to the torso; vanished mid-battle
Bansheera monsters N/A assorted monster faces seen in the skirt-like portion of Bansheera's bodily form20
[Diabolico] (again) & [Olympius]* Rise of the Super Demons after defeat (but not destruction) in battle, Bansheera's tentacles stretched from afar and enlarged them
Quarganon Time for Lightspeed name spoken in dialog but not listed in end credits; revived from an ancient artifact, not enlarged upon destruction

Diabolico's monster trio

Diabolico's final three monster cards summoned a trio of angel-like monsters which challenged the Lightspeed Rangers over the course of numerous battles. They were later resurrected from three gems into a fused form: Troika.

Demonite copy
Monster Featured Episode(s) Notes Gem Color
Demonite Ryan's Destiny; Curse of the Cobra red-faced monster resembling a white knight21; resurrected in giant form by a card from Diabolico following his destruction in normal size22 red23
Falkar Ryan's Destiny; Curse of the Cobra; Strength of the Sun white-faced, bird-like monster with a trident24; never destroyed in normal size; Diabolico lobbed a growth card into his back as he planned to watch giant Thunderon battle the Zords alone25 blue26
Thunderon Ryan's Destiny; Curse of the Cobra; Strength of the Sun bulky, green-skinned monster with spiked gauntlets27; resurrected in giant form by a card from Diabolico following his destruction in normal size28 green29
Demonite copy Curse of the Cobra created from Demonite using a mirror card; destroyed when Demonite was destroyed (in normal size); wasn't enlarged N/A
Troika The Cobra Strikes fused form of the monster trio; fell to Battle Booster beams but wasn't shown exploding (or growing) N/A


Lightspeed Rescue

Released by nomads, Diabolico and crew began attacking Mariner Bay, which stood in place of Bansheera's palace30. Diabolico later unleashed Ryan31; when Ryan defected after an encounter with Mitchell32, Diabolico unleashed his last three monsters and cursed Ryan in a dream33. As the Rangers eventually defeated Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon34, Ryan's life was threatened until he defeated the cobra monster in the Tomb of Forever; the Rangers then defeated Diabolico35, whose Star Power transformed Impus into Olympius36. Her resurrection ceremony later interrupted, Bansheera was left in a pod-like form37. Vypra and Loki resurrected Diabolico38, who (temporarily) sealed Olympius in the Shadow World39. Upon absorbing Vypra, Bansheera transformed and disposed of Loki40, also sending Diabolico and Olympius to battle to their dooms41. When Bansheera then enacted her plan to open the Shadow World, Diabolico's spirit helped the Rangers seal her within42.

Time Force

Vypra later arose from the earth (where a tombstone bore her name), seeking to resurrect the super-demon Quarganon with Ransik's help; both she and Quarganon were destroyed by the Lightspeed and Time Force Rangers43.


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