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Real Name unknown (though "Dillon" isn't out of the question)1
Venjix Codename Subject D442

Associated Characters/Elements

Dillon's car
unnamed car Dillon drove
musical family heirloom3, played a song Dillon and his sister knew4; played a second song (which Tenaya whistled5) when his sister's key was assembled with his own6
Omega City
ruined city to which Dillon was lured by falsely implanted memories7 (see Omega City)


Originally Dillon's blind sister8, "Subject D78" (as Venjix's computer records referred to her9) apparently received robotic implants at the same time as her brother10. Both siblings were attempting an escape from Venjix's palace when D78 was recaptured11. At some point, she shared a factory cell next to Gem and Gemma, during which time she taught them a song from her brother's pocketwatch12 (and dropped her part of the pocketwatch key13). Venjix later introduced her to his generals as "Tenaya 7"14; she now served Venjix and sported robotic eyes15. (For a summary of Tenaya's power struggle within Venjix's ranks, see Venjix.) After discovering her human origins16, Tenaya was recaptured17 and upgraded into "Tenaya 15"18. Upon receiving Dr. K's antidote19, Tenaya (or whatever she was called at this point) retained her implants, though K didn't know how long her vision would last20.

Tenaya 7
Visor down
Tenaya 7
Tenaya 15
"Not Tenaya"
Real Name unknown
Venjix Codename Subject D7821



Roughly one year after Corinth's dome was raised, Ziggy encountered Dillon in the wastelands in search of someone he couldn't remember22; in actuality, "Dillon" (his apparently improvised name23) was Subject D44, whose memories had been stolen by Sat-Bot after he'd attempted to free his sister (see above)24. Now seeking supplies from Corinth to continue his search25, Dillon was arrested as a hybrid infiltrator but offered a "work release agreement"26 wherein he began serving as Ranger Black27. A later battle with Sat-Bot awakened a virus which began taking over Dillon's implants28. Dillon found his sister's key to his pocketwatch29 and eventually realized the keys fit together, the song from which revealed Tenaya's identity30. Dillon's virus level was later at 51% when Venjix activated his hybrids throughout Corinth31; Dillon nonetheless managed to inject himself with Dr. K's antidote, which he also used on Tenaya, breaking Venjix's control over her32. After Venjix's defeat (thanks in part to a counter-virus Tenaya helped inject), Tenaya, Dillon, and Summer set out to explore (and help rebuild?) the outside world33.


Dillon and/or Tenaya may or may not have been present when most of the Samurai Rangers visited Scott's dimension and met his "team"34. (Also unknown is when this teamup occurred relative to the events of RPM; see discussion at Corinth.)


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