Dino Rangers

Ranger team who battled Mesogog's forces

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Season Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004)
Visual Theme dinosaurs
Number of Rangers 3 (+1: Black) (+1 White)

Team Equipment

Dino Gems
Main three
Dino Morphers
Dino Gem bracelets
Main three
Thundermax Blaster
Z-Rex Blaster
Basic form
Raptor Riders
Main three
Raptor Cycles
Super Dino Mode
Main three
Dino ATVs
Dino Gems
Dino Rangers' power source (x5: thee plus Black, White); arrived on Earth with the asteroid which wiped out the dinosaurs millions of years ago, later discovered by Tommy1
Dino Morphers
communicators / Morphers (x3), able to assume bracelet form2
Thundermax Blaster/Saber
laser pistol / sword (x3)3
Z-Rex Blaster
team blaster (x1), assembled from special weapons (x3+)4
Raptor Riders
ridable velociraptors (x4: three plus Black)5
Raptor Cycles
motorcycles (x3)6
Super Dino Mode
Rangers' powered-up forms (x6: three plus Black, White, evil White)7
Dino ATVs
four-wheeled vehicles (x2: Black, White)8
Triceramax Command Center
semi truck (x1), used to assault Mesogog's fortress9

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Red Ranger

Red Ranger
Tyranno Staff
Triassic Ranger
with Shield of Triumph
Battlized Red Ranger
Known Users Conner10, Troy11
Special Weapon Tyranno Staff12
Dinozord Tyranno Zord
Triassic Ranger
Red's powered-up form13; originally caused Yellow and Blue to demorph14 until Hayley made an adjustment15
Shield of Triumph
shield/sword used by Triassic Ranger (also used to transform into Triassic Ranger)16; ancient artifact hidden centuries ago17
Battlized Red Ranger
Red's armored form (via Battlizer)18

Yellow Ranger

Yellow Ranger
Ptera Grips
Known Users Kira19, Gia20
Special Weapon Ptera Grips21
Dinozord Ptera Zord

Blue Ranger

Blue Ranger
Tricera Shield
Hovercraft Cycle
Known Users Ethan22, Noah23
Special Weapon Tricera Shield24
Dinozord Tricera Zord
Hovercraft Cycle
Blue's motorcycle / hovercraft25

Black Ranger

Black Ranger
Brachio Morpher
Brachio Staff
Known Users Tommy26, Noah27, Jake28
Special Weapon Brachio Staff29
Dinozord Brachio Zord
Brachio Morpher
Black's communicator / Morpher (plus key); name from toy line only?

White Ranger

White Ranger
Drago Morpher
Drago Sword
Known Users Trent30, evil White Ranger31, Orion32
Special Weapon Drago Sword33
Dinozord Drago Zord
Drago Morpher
White's communicator / Morpher; name from toy line only?
Evil White Ranger
evil duplicate created by Zeltrax using a remnant of Copyotter34
White Terrorsaurus
monster(s) created from the evil White Ranger's energy35 (see Monsters)


"Abaranger" is a placeholder name used here for the fictional Japanese adaptation of the Dino Rangers' exploits. (In real life, Abaranger was the sentai source from which Power Rangers Dino Thunder was adapted, but Dino Thunder then introduced this Japanese show-within-a-show which Conner found initially displeasing due to its comedic tone.)36

Show logo
(Burstosaur Sentai Abaranger)
Team morph
Fictional Japanese version


Dino Thunder

Upon taking the Dino Gems, Conner, Kira, and Ethan exhibited new powers37 (see their pages for details); Tommy then issued them Morphers38 (of Hayley's design?39). The Rangers soon began finding eggs from Tommy and Mercer's scattered projects40 (mostly unhatched Zords). Taking a stone Mesogog wanted him to open, Tommy released the black Dino Gem and became the Black Ranger41. Later, the white Dino Gem (which had lain cloaked for nearly a year before Elsa retrieved it) leapt onto Trent's wrist, turning him into an evil White Ranger42. Trent later returned to normal when the "evil encoding" on the gem broke43, but Zeltrax then created an evil White Ranger copy44. After helping Trent free the Shield of Triumph45, Tommy dealt with a briefly shattered Dino Gem46 and helped Conner unlock his Battlized mode47. Both White Rangers began experiencing power loss until Trent destroyed his duplicate48. When the five Rangers combined their powers to conjure a tyrannosaurus to destroy Mesogog (after the Zords had been destroyed), the Dino Gems were depleted, leaving the team "normal again" and the gems "ancient artifacts that would look great in a museum," Tommy noted49.


In the future, Broodwing was in possession of the main three Dino Gems, having acquired them on Onyx "for a considerable sum"50. After grabbing the gems, the time-traveling Dino teens used their civilian powers in battle; they soon morphed to join the SPD Rangers in battle, noting Kat had "pulled [their] Morphers out of the archives and regenerated them"51. As the Dino teens were later returned to their time with no memories of the incident, the Dino Gems vanished at the same time52, their destination unrevealed.

Super Megaforce

The Super Mega Rangers used the Dino Thunder powers in the following ways:

  • Four Dino Thunder Ranger Keys allowed the main Super Mega Rangers to morph into Dino Rangers53; Orion used a fifth key to morph into the White Dino Ranger54.
  • Orion used the White key to transform his Q-Rex into Megazord mode55.
  • The White Dino Ranger's powers (via the White key) were apparently among sixth-Ranger powers used in Orion's Gold Mode56.

The Dino Rangers themselves (with White but not Black) later joined in the Legendary Battle57.


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