Divatox's forces

forces and equipment used by Divatox

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Normal size
Small size
Space Base
Neutron laser
flying submarine, served as Divatox's mobile base1
viewing device able to emerge remotely (in various sizes) from assorted liquids
flying torpedoes which could revive defeated monsters in giant size2
Space Base
orbital base where Divatox later docked her subcraft3
Neutron laser
powerful laser Divatox briefly used from the space base4


General Havoc
with Chromites (?)
large armored assistant
bumbling assistant
technical expert
General Havoc
Divatox's brother; visited briefly5

Foot Soldiers

Turbo movie
Warrior generals
on horses
Turbo series
In Space
monstrous creatures hatched from pods6
foot soldiers somewhat resembling Piranhatrons (seen in Turbo movie only)
foot soldiers commonly used by Divatox (series)7


Porto once created a single "Chromite" armed with a power-stealing (and color-stealing) apparatus; this Chromite dissolved upon being cast in shadow8. Later, "robot warriors" with a similar appearance (but in assorted colors) manned General Havoc's space base and helped capture the Turbo Megazord9 (and some apparently continued working for Divatox following Havoc's departure10). Havoc's robots were unnamed (except in the script).

"Shadow Rangers"
Chromites (?)
Invading the Megazord


"Transmission Impossible"
"Weight and See"

Divatox had her agents send a number of detonators to Angel Grove, many disguised as everyday objects.11


Most monsters listed below were among forces serving Divatox; some were originally seen on a planet from which Divatox departed to return to Earth12; one monster (that same day?) later grumbled he'd been "waiting on that stupid planet […] forever"13. Unless otherwise noted, monsters were enlarged (when applicable) by the subcraft's torpedoes. No monster names appeared in end credits, but names marked with an asterisk appeared on a monster list glimpsed in "Fire in Your Tank." Names in brackets were monster-like roles fulfilled by what were arguably non-monsters.

Monster Featured Episode Notes
[Maligore] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie apparently grew under his own power; fell off a sea cliff (with explosion) after Turbo Megazord Saber strike
Divatox's monsters Shift into Turbo, part 1 assorted monsters seen on Divatox's planet (Amphibitor, Terrortooth, Shrinkasect, Voltmeister, Wild Weeder, Torch Tiger, Strikeout)
[vehicle fleet] Shift into Turbo, part 3 retreated
Amphibitor Shift into Turbo, part 3 name appeared in toy line
[Chromite] Shadow Rangers vanished when cast in shadow; wasn't enlarged; name appeared in toy line
[Visceron] Transmission Impossible servile version of Visceron; critically injured by detonator, wasn't enlarged
[Porto] Rally Ranger grew after tipping over a torpedo he'd brought along; was teleported away by Divatox
first Demon Racer (1 of 2) Built for Speed exploded after car crash, wasn't enlarged
Demon Racer (2 of 2) Built for Speed after first Demon Racer's defeat, Porto revealed he'd "made a spare just in case"
Big Burpa Bicycle Built for the Blues
Mouthpiece The Whole Lie name spelled in the script as two words
[Pharaoh] Glyph Hanger
Numbor Weight and See
Blazinator / Inferno Inciter Alarmed and Dangerous created from a fire truck using a detonator; "Blazinator" comes from VCD cover text, while the script used the name "Inferno Inciter"; destroyed by Auto Blasters
Terrortooth The Millennium Message first monster destroyed (in giant size) by Robo Racer
Electrovolt A Drive to Win
Griller Cars Attacks conductor of flying automobiles; destroyed by Auto Blaster and Synergizer lasers, wasn't enlarged
Shrinkasect* Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, parts 1 & 2 could shrink people (they slowly turned to insects) and turn into a fly
Flamite* Passing the Torch, parts 1 & 2
Delisha Ennivel Stitch Witchery also appeared in human form; name appeared in writing in-show
Dreadfeather* The Wheel of Fate destroyed by Lightning Cruiser lasers, wasn't enlarged
Mad Mike* Trouble by the Slice created by Porto from a pizza box logo
Translucitor Vanishing Act could make things vanish
Clockster When Time Freezes Over
[Metallasaurus] The Darkest Day; One Last Hope; The Fall of the Phantom first enemy destroyed by Rescue Megazord artillery
Metal Mangler* Clash of the Megazords pulled toward Earth by super-magnet, wasn't battled or enlarged
Crosspatch Clash of the Megazords crushed by giant battery pack, wasn't enlarged
Flash Head The Robot Ranger could turn people into film reels
Voltmeister* The Robot Ranger
Wicked Wisher* Beware the Third Wish
Wild Weeder The Gardener of Evil accompanied by mutant bees
training camp monsters Fire in Your Tank assorted monsters at the training camp where Torch Tiger debuted
Torch Tiger* Fire in Your Tank
Maniac Mechanic* The Turn of the Wretched Wrench also had a human form ("Manny")
Lord Litter* Spirit of the Woods destroyed in giant size by artillery power held by four Rescuezords
Crash and the Creeps The Song of Confusion all had human forms; wielded a "Ranger Scrambler"; Crash's teammates last seen falling into water after Turbine Laser blast, only Crash was enlarged
[Terror Zord] The Accident; Cassie's Best Friend
Mr. Goorific Cassie's Best Friend had goo tube which could turn things into different creatures
Strikeout The Curve Ball
Count Nocturne Carlos and the Count
[Diva Zord] Little Strong Man; Parts and Parcel
[Shark Zord] The Rival Rangers; Parts and Parcel
[Cat Zord] Parts and Parcel
Goldgoyle Chase into Space, part 1 only seen in giant size; destroyed when Turbo RAM exploded inside his body


Vehicle fleet
"Shift into Turbo"
Piranhatron bikes
Elgar's car
Divatox's flying car
Battle wagon
Vehicle fleet
fleet of five animal-like vehicles commanded by Elgar14
Piranhatron bikes
dirtbikes sometimes driven by Piranhatrons15
Elgar's car
car driven by Elgar against Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster16
Divatox's car
flying car driven by Divatox17
Battle wagon
vehicle created by the Maniac Mechanic (and driven by a Chromite?)18


General Havoc brought the Metallasaurus19, which was subsequently destroyed20. Porto later designed several others.

First form
Second form
Terror Zord
Zord trio
Shark, Cat, Diva
Zord Featured Episodes Notes
Metallasaurus The Darkest Day; One Last Hope; The Fall of the Phantom brought by General Havoc21; after defeat by Rescue Zords22, was upgraded into second form, then destroyed by Rescue Megazord artillery23
Terror Zord The Accident; Cassie's Best Friend blue Zord piloted by Elgar24; accidentally transformed into a camel by Mr. Goorific25
Diva Zord Little Strong Man; Parts and Parcel bird-like Zord initially piloted by Divatox (using a white flying car as a cockpit)26; later remote-controlled; destroyed by artillery power held by Turbo Megazord27
Shark Zord The Rival Rangers; Parts and Parcel shark-like Zord initially piloted by Porto28, later remote-controlled; destroyed by own fin deflected by one Rescue Megazord artillery cannon29
Cat Zord Parts and Parcel cat-like Zord piloted by Rygog; destroyed by Rescue Megazord artillery (the blast from which was inexplicably sliced in half by the Turbo Megazord before it hit)



During her Maligore mission, Divatox traveled by subcraft and was joined by Rygog, Elgar, and "warriors" who served as foot soldiers30. When she later returned to Earth, she was joined by Porto as well, and her foot soldiers from this point onward were Piranhatrons31. Her subcraft descended into a body of water near Angel Grove32 and remained underwater on Earth until General Havoc arrived with the space base she'd ordered roughly a century prior33; the subcraft subsequently remained docked with the space base34. After the Turbo Rangers defeated Metallasaurus35 and Porto's Zords36 (three of which were prepared on the moon37), a giant monster named Goldgoyle traveled to Earth (also deploying from the moon) and destroyed the Rangers' Zords38. Divatox's forces subsequently captured Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster during a raid which destroyed the Power Chamber (and injured some Piranhatrons in the blast), but all left for the Cimmarian planet when summoned by Dark Specter39.

In Space

In flashback, Piranhatrons (unless their appearance is disregarded as suit recycling) seemed to have served as the majority of forces in Dark Specter's invasion of KO-3540. At Dark Specter's banquet, Divatox was accompanied by Piranhatrons and her three henchmen; also present — barring either or both cases being disregarded as suit recycling — were General Havoc (to whom Divatox boasted about defeating the Rangers?) and a single Putrapod (who curiously sat at the table otherwise reserved for main villains)41. Elgar soon joined Astronema's ranks42 (possibly without Divatox's blessing43). While later transporting Zordon, Divatox and her forces traveled in a ship which had not been seen previously44. On a planet somewhere, Storm Blaster (and then Lightning Cruiser) escaped from Piranhatron captors45. Divatox's forces were later overrunning the planet (?) Gratha despite the efforts of the Alien Rangers46; Zordon's energy wave then transformed Divatox (and one might assume it turned her forces into sand as it did to forces elsewhere, including Elgar on Earth)47.

Lost Galaxy

Several Piranhatrons (or see suit recycling) appeared to be serving as security during the auction of the pink Quasar Saber on Onyx48.


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