Rhino Ranger (Jungle Fury)

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Nickname Dom1
Last Name Hargan (never stated in-show, but listed on Power Rangers website, other official materials?)
Joke Alias "Inspector Fuller"2

Associated Characters/Elements

Maryl Snyder
scientist, Dom's brief romantic interest3
Dom's eventual romantic interest (see Fran)


In addition to his kung fu skills as a former Pai Zhua practitioner, Dominic was seen using the spirit of the rhino to charge his arm like a blade (before he ever acquired Ranger powers)4.


Jungle Fury

Years after leaving Pai Zhua to follow his wanderlust, Dominic visited Jungle Karma Pizza; inspired by the Rangers' heroism, he struggled to prove he was more than a goof-off (he did so at the encouragement of Fran, with whom he shared a love of books)5. To access the Rhino Nexus, Dominic retrieved the Control Dagger from a secret hiding place behind a restaurant seat6; despite briefly losing the dagger to Camille and Dai Shi7, he soon fulfilled his destiny (as he saw it) by unlocking the Rhino Steel Zord8. Despite revealing his identity to Maryl Snyder to try to creep her out less as he investigated a monkey-cloning incident, Dom was stood up and instead ate pizza with Fran9; she later loaned him a book10. After Dai Shi's defeat, Fran accepted Dom's surprise invitation to backpack through Europe with him11.


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