Dr. K

creator of RPM technology (and Venjix)

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Real Name unknown

Associated Characters/Elements

Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup was a "top-secret military think tank"1 which discovered Dr. K as a young prodigy (before her sixth birthday, if cake candle counts are accurate) and used her to further scientific breakthroughs which apparently had military applications2. K (and her "team"?) eventually discovered the bio-field, which allowed the creation of Project Ranger3. At some point, K created Venjix, who helped her with Project Ranger prototypes4; he may or may not have been the "very special computer program" K had been asked to create (on her thirteenth birthday?)5.

Dr. K
Alphabet Soup flashback
Project Ranger

Gem and Gemma

Also reportedly raised in Alphabet Soup, Gem and Gemma were "test pilots for the first-generation Project Ranger suits"; some time after her fourteenth (?) birthday, K discovered none of them were allergic to sunlight and planned to use Venjix to help them all escape (but Venjix began taking over the world)6. During later Venjix attacks, Gem and Gemma helped K escape with Ranger hardware while they went back for the Gold and Silver Morphers7; surviving the facility's destruction, the duo — as Ranger Gold and Ranger Silver — began a "brutal and merciless campaign" against Venjix in the wastelands8 (at some point sharing a factory cell beside Dillon's sister9). They later helped the Rangers in the wastelands10 and rejoined K inside Corinth11. After a long search12, Gem and Gemma found Venjix's palace by tracking a repaired Grinder13. After destroying Venjix by dropping Corinth's command tower on him, Gem and Gemma (and Scott) were recruited into Corinth's air defense team, Eagle Squad14.

Gem and Gemma
Gemma and Gem
Alphabet Soup flashback
Real Names unknown (possibly Gem and Gemma)
Last Name unknown

Other Characters/Elements

Ranger Room
garage in Corinth from which the RPM team operated (and where they kept their personal vehicles)15
Ranger Room
laboratory in which Dr. K kept the Ranger suits and performed experiments16; tiny side room was where she originally stayed hidden from the Rangers17



After escaping from Alphabet Soup during the Venjix attacks, Dr. K took Ranger hardware to Corinth, where her recording directed people to take refuge before the shield was raised18. Reportedly preferring to keep things impersonal19, Dr. K remained hidden from view (with a disguised voice) as Scott, Summer, and Flynn were selected as Rangers20. After Dillon and Ziggy joined the team, Dillon's mistrust of Dr. K apparently prompted her to reveal herself21, and she eventually told them Venjix's origin22. When Gem and Gemma arrived (and Ziggy warned them of K's icy demeanor)23, she admitted her detachment and told the team she loved them like a family24. Later, Colonel Truman sought to arrest Dr. K after learning of Venjix's origin, though he ultimately pardoned her25. K later accompanied Ziggy on a walk (her computer password being his first name, which she refused to use); while they were trapped in a cave, his shadow puppets made her smile26. After Venjix's defeat (thanks to K's hybrid antidote and counter-virus), K planned to open a children's school with Ziggy (whose name she now used)27. Dr. K stowed away the Rangers' Morphers at this point (unaware of a Venjix-like glow in one of the Morphers?)28.


Not long after the arrival of Professor Cog and Scott in the Samurai Rangers' world, the Samurai Rangers themselves (including Antonio but not Jayden) were cast into Scott's dimension29. The Rangers later reappeared through another warp; Kevin remarked it had taken them a while to "reverse the vortex," and Emily cheerfully told Scott, "Your team says hi!"30. Exactly whom the Samurai Rangers met, and what role Dr. K may or may not have played, is uncertain. (Also unknown is when this teamup occurred relative to the events of RPM; see discussion at Corinth.)


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