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Real Name Waldo1
Last Name Brooks2

Associated Characters/Elements

Storm Chargers
Dustin's workplace (see Storm Chargers)


As a ninja student affiliated with the element of earth3, Dustin was able to travel freely underground4 and project blasts of earth/dust5; these elemental feats could generally be performed in both morphed and unmorphed forms6.


Ninja Storm

A motocross racer and Storm Chargers employee, Dustin had been taking classes at the Wind Ninja Academy for nearly a year when he, Shane, and Tori became the only students to escape Lothor's attack (having been late after stopping to help a stranded elderly couple)7. Dustin later switched from motocross racing to freestyle8 (Kelly noted a career ahead of him9), but after Lothor's defeat, the team graduated from an apparently rebuilt academy and began teaching new students (Dustin's chosen pursuit in place of motocross?)10.

Dino Thunder

Dustin, Shane, and Tori were still teaching at the Wind Ninja Academy when Lothor (impersonating Sensei) turned them evil using apparently fake discs in their Morphers11. They battled the Dino Rangers until Cam tricked them into replacing their ninja discs; they then allied with the Dino team to defeat Lothor's forces12.


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