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The following are assorted locations on Earth which aren't discussed in detail on other pages:

"The Underwater World"
Specter Theater
abandoned theater in a "vortex" which blocked the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' powers1
nation whose culture produced ancient masks which helped defeat the Face Stealer2
domain of the god Neptune; contained an artifact related to the Corona Aurora3

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Associated Characters/Entities

Santa Claus
Santa Claus
target of a Christmas Eve attack by Rito Revolto4
boy befriended by T.J., revealed to be a nature spirit5


with legs
King Neptune
Neptune's trident
mermaid with whom Chad fell in love6
King Keptune
Marina's father; possessed a magic trident7


The Corona Aurora was described as the "crown of the gods"8. The following (apparent) gods appeared or were mentioned in-show:

(actually Spencer)
god of the sea, mentioned as being connected to Atlantis9
god of thunder10
Thor's hammer; revealed a clue to the Corona Aurora11
god of mischief, briefly stole Mjöllnir; also mentioned Odin and Valhalla12
goddess as whom Spencer disguised himself to trick Loki13


Asteroid impact
"Kick into Overdrive"
Continental drift
Pangaea's breakup split up the jewels of the Corona Aurora over time14
Asteroid impact
a giant asteroid reportedly wiped out the dinosaurs15 and deposited the Dino Gems16
Peace Conference
event attended by Jason, Trini, and Zack17

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MMPR seasons 1–3

From their palace on the moon, Rita and [[[ Zedd ]] attacked Angel Grove, but the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers battled their forces18.

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

While the Earth's time was regressed by the Orb of Doom19, the Alien Rangers protected Angel Grove20. (People may or may not have remembered events from this time after the Zeo Crystal returned the planet to normal21; see discussion at Orb of Doom.)


From space (the moon?), the Machine Empire attacked Angel Grove, but the Zeo Rangers battled their forces22.


At sea, Divatox and the Turbo Rangers breached the Nemesis Triangle to travel to Muiranthias23. Then, from her subcraft stationed underwater on Earth24 (and later in space25), Divatox attacked Angel Grove, but the Turbo Rangers battled her forces26.

In Space

From her orbital Dark Fortress, Astronema attacked Angel Grove, but the Space Rangers battled her forces27. Astronema's final invasion (and the energy wave which ended it) may or may not have been experienced worldwide28.

Lost Galaxy

The space colony Terra Venture (its origin unrevealed) left orbit carrying select passengers from Earth in search of a "New World"29; the colonists later escaped to Mirinoi following the destruction of the colony30.

Lightspeed Rescue

From possibly another dimension, demons attacked Mariner Bay (previous site of Queen Bansheera's palace), but Lightspeed and its Rangers battled their forces31.

Time Force

From a prison in a forest somewhere, Ransik attacked Silver Hills, but the Time Force Rangers (and Mr. Collins' Silver Guardians) battled his forces32.

Wild Force

From a cavern somewhere, the Orgs attacked Turtle Cove (previous site of the kingdom of Animaria), but the Wild Force Rangers battled them33.

Ninja Storm

From his spaceship, Lothor attacked Blue Bay Harbor, but the Ninja Storm Rangers (agents of secret ninja academies) battled his forces34.

Dino Thunder

From his island fortress, Mesogog attacked Reefside, but the Dino Rangers (powered by gems brought by the asteroid which wiped out the dinosaurs35) battled his forces36.


By the year 2025, aliens had been integrated into the human population (at least in Newtech City)37. Emperor Gruumm attacked the Earth from his spaceship, but SPD and its Rangers battled his forces38.

Mystic Force

From the Underworld, evil forces attacked Briarwood (located near a gateway to a mystic realm), but the Mystic Rangers battled these forces39; Briarwood's people later apparently accepted mystical creatures into their populace40.

Operation Overdrive

Based in San Angeles, Andrew Hartford's Overdrive Rangers battled various villains to secure the Corona Aurora41; during this time, Atlantis42 and Norse gods43 appeared, as did assorted artifacts pertaining to real-life myths.

Jungle Fury

From his temple in an unknown location, Dai Shi attacked Ocean Bluff, but the Jungle Fury Rangers (sent by the secret Pai Zhua organization) battled his forces44.


In an unknown year, the domed city of Corinth sheltered survivors of Venjix's war on humankind45; the RPM Rangers eventually defeated Venjix, at which point the wastelands outside Corinth began to recover46. (These events — or events similar to them? — were later revealed to have taken place in another dimension47; see Corinth for discussion.)

Samurai / Super Samurai

From the Netherworld, the Nighloks attacked Panorama City, but the Samurai Rangers defeated them (as they had been doing for many generations)48.


From their spaceship, Warstar aliens attacked Harwood County, but the Mega Rangers (using the power of the Earth) battled their forces49.

Super Megaforce

From space, the Armada attacked the Earth, but the (Super) Mega Rangers battled their forces50.


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