Power Rangers Jungle Fury

32 episodes (first aired in 2008)

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Welcome to the Jungle

Part 1 (Welcome to the Jungle)

Part 2 (Welcome to the Jungle II)

Sigh of the Tiger

A Taste of Poison

Can't Win Them All

Dance the Night Away

Pizza Slice of Life

Way of the Master

Good Karma, Bad Karma

Blind Leading the Blind

Pushed to the Edge

One Master Too Many

Ghost of a Chance

Part 1 (Ghost of a Chance)

Part 2 (Ghost of a Chance II)

Bad to the Bone

Friends Don't Fade Away

No "I" in Leader

True Friends, True Spirits

Path of the Rhino

Dash for the Dagger

Race to the Nexus

Arise the Crystal Eyes

Fear and the Phantoms

Blue Ranger, Twin Danger

One Last Second Chance

Don't Blow That Dough

Tigers Fall, Lions Rise

The Spirit of Kindness

Maryl and the Monkeys

To Earn Your Stripes

Path of the Righteous

Now the Final Fury

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