Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

10 episodes (first aired 1996), often considered part of MMPR season 3


Alien Rangers of Aquitar

…wherein the Alien Rangers arrive (told in 2 parts)

Part I

…wherein Rito pursues children, a vacuum cleaner causes a power outage, and Rito and Goldar plant a bomb

Part II

…wherein Alpha 5 defuses the bomb, the Alien Rangers arrive, and Master Vile leaves in a huff

Climb Every Fountain

…wherein Billy is re-aged, the Power Coins are destroyed, and the Alien Rangers are celebrated

The Alien Trap

…wherein popsicles are delicious, the Alien Rangers are poisoned, and the Barbaric Brothers are defeated

Attack of the 60' Bulk

…wherein the kids go to a water park, Bulk is turned into a monster, and Zordon announces the Zeo quest

Water You Thinking?

…wherein Bulk and Skull geek out, the Alien Rangers defeat Witchblade, and Rocky retrieves his subcrystal

Along Came a Spider

…wherein an old man annoys Adam, Billy is trapped in a spiderweb, and Adam receives his subcrystal

Sowing the Seas of Evil

…wherein Tommy meets a shaman, Kat meets an old lookalike, and two subcrystals are retrieved

Hogday Afternoon

…wherein Aisha finds her calling and the Zeo Crystal is completed (told in 2 parts)

Part I

…wherein Aisha meets Tanya, the Alien Rangers struggle against Hydro Hog, and Rito and Goldar plant a bomb

Part II

…wherein Hydro Hog is defeated, Aisha sends Tanya with her subcrystal, and the Command Center is destroyed

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