MMPR season 1

60 episodes (first aired 1993–94), plus "lost pilot" and home video

Episode Lists
MMPR season 2


Day of the Dumpster

…wherein Rita escapes, Zordon gives Power Coins to teenagers, and Goldar opts not to be destroyed by the Megazord

High Five

…wherein Billy invents communicators, Trini is afraid of heights, and the Rangers escape a time warp


…wherein Trini and Kimberly deliver petitions to a waste dump, a minotaur attacks, and Zordon reveals the Power Weapons

A Pressing Engagement

…wherein King Sphinx fights Jason, the Power Crystals debut (sort of), and Jason beats Bulk's benchpressing record

Different Drum

…wherein Kimberly has a deaf dance student, the Gnarly Gnome abducts teenage girls, and the Rangers hallucinate

Food Fight

…wherein Bulk and Skull start a food fight, Pudgy Pig swallows the Power Weapons, and the Rangers induce vomiting

Big Sisters

…wherein Kimberly and Trini befriend an obnoxious little girl, Rita tries to get the Power Eggs, and the RADBUG debuts

Switching Places

…wherein Billy and Kimberly switch bodies, a soufflé explodes, and the Rangers fight a genie

I, Eye Guy

…wherein Billy helps his young lookalike, a science fair is disrupted, and the Rangers fight Eye Guy

For Whom the Bell Trolls

…wherein Miss Appleby teaches a class of some sort, Trini's doll becomes a kleptomaniac, and oh wait it was just a dream

Happy Birthday, Zack

…wherein the teens prepare for Zack's surprise party, Zack feels sad, and the Knasty Knight ruins the Rangers' weapons

No Clowning Around

…wherein Zack walks on stilts, Trini's cousin Sylvia is flattened, and evil clown stereotypes are reinforced

Power Ranger Punks

…wherein Billy and Kim turn into punks, Alpha 5 retrieves the singing squash, and the Terror Toad is shot in the neck

Peace, Love and Woe

…wherein Billy's romantic interest is captured by Madame Woe, the Power Coins are useful, and Ernie dances while covered with cake

Foul Play in the Sky

…wherein Uncle Steve is drugged, Kimberly lands a plane, and the Power Bow destroys the Snizard

Dark Warrior

…wherein Trini's Uncle Howard invents an invisibility potion, Billy re-enrolls in karate, and the Rangers fight Dark Warrior

Green with Evil

…wherein the Green Ranger debuts (told in 5 parts)

Part I (Out of Control)

…wherein Tommy debuts, Rita turns him into the evil Green Ranger, and he wrecks a bunch of stuff

Part II (Jason's Battle)

…wherein Tommy is a jerk, Rita gives Tommy the Sword of Darkness, and Jason is trapped in the Dark Dimension

Part III (The Rescue)

…wherein Scorpina debuts, Jason is rescued, and Rita prepares for more

Part IV (Eclipsing Megazord)

…wherein the Green Ranger escapes captivity, an eclipse brings down the Megazord, and the Rangers learn Tommy's identity

Part V (Breaking the Spell)

…wherein the Dragonzord debuts, the Rangers break the spell over Tommy, and Tommy feels bad

The Trouble with Shellshock

…wherein the teens play basketball, Squatt and Baboo create a monster, and Trini goes for a jog

Itsy Bitsy Spider

…wherein Zack dislikes spiders, Zack teaches hip-hop kido, and a statue returns unharmed

The Spit Flower

…wherein Kimberly's float design is destroyed, flowers bite people, and Alpha is no help in a workshop

Life's a Masquerade

…wherein the teens attend a masquerade party, Rita mines Super Putty, and a Frankenstein monster is impaled

Gung Ho!

…wherein Finster creates Super Putties, Titanus plays rough, and Jason and Tommy win the team ninja finals

Wheel of Misfortune

…wherein Rita repurposes a broken spinning wheel, Tommy is tied to a tree, and the teens' class play is terrible

Island of Illusion

…wherein Rita sends the Rangers to the Island of Illusion (told in 2 parts)

Part I

…wherein Zack dreads a dance contest, Rita summons Lokar, and the teens freak out on the Island of Illusion

Part II

…wherein Quagmire corrects his assumptions, memories of old fights restore confidence, and Lokar gets a face full of Ultrazord artillery

The Rockstar

…wherein Jason mentors his cousin Jeremy, Scorpina and the Rockstar pose a problem, and the Mirror of Destruction blasts many things

Calamity Kimberly

…wherein Kimberly has a terrible day, Samurai Fan Man captures Kimberly, and you weren't supposed to notice those Battle Bikes in the background

A Star is Born

…wherein Bulk is smeared with mayonnaise, the Rangers fight a baseball monster and a worm, and Tommy appears in a commercial

The Yolk's on You!

…wherein a talent show is held, Tommy is caught in a net, and Fang perishes over a misunderstanding

The Green Candle

…wherein Rita's Green Candle renders Tommy powerless (told in 2 parts)

Part I

…wherein Tommy gets the jitters, Rita activates the Green Candle, and Tommy helps against a shapeshifting cyclops

Part II

…wherein Jason can't steal a candle, Tommy gives Jason his Power Coin, and Kim and Tommy smooch

Birds of a Feather

…wherein the Rangers fight Hatchasaurus, Jason uses the Dragon Shield, and Zack's kid beats Bulk's kid

Clean-Up Club

…wherein the teens pick up garbage, Jason uses the Dragon Shield again, and Skull produces an embarrassing video of Bulk

A Bad Reflection on You

…wherein copies of the teens cause trouble, the teens go to detention, and the Rangers fight their copies


…wherein Rita unleashes Cyclopsis (told in 2 parts)

Part I

…wherein everyone vanishes, Cyclopsis debuts, and Rita moves to Angel Grove

Part II

…wherein the teens escape danger, Cyclopsis becomes confused, and Rita runs away

Rita's Seed of Evil

…wherein the teens plant trees, Rita grows an Octoplant, and Bulk and Skull spend time in a portable toilet

A Pig Surprise

…wherein Bulk and Skull adopt a pig, said pig turns into a monster, and said monster doesn't hurt anyone

Something Fishy

…wherein Jason, Trini, and Zack go scuba diving, Billy is scared of fish, and the Goo Fish attacks

Lions & Blizzards

…wherein the teens win the Oddball Games, a stolen trophy becomes Goatan, and Zack's date is interrupted

Crystal of Nightmares

…wherein Bulk and Skull wear maid costumes, the teens have bad dreams, and Jason smashes a crystal

To Flea or Not to Flee

…wherein Jason finds a lost dog, the Fighting Flea gives Jason a rash, and Ernie's money management skills are suspect

Reign of the Jellyfish

…wherein a Bulkwich is prepared, the teens bury a time capsule, and the Rangers battle the Jellyfish

Plague of the Mantis

…wherein Trini studies a mantis, the Mantis challenges Trini, and cockroach kung fu fails to catch on

Return of an Old Friend

…wherein the Green Ranger returns (told in 2 parts)

Part I

…wherein Rita captures everyone's parents, Billy is put under a spell, and the Rangers surrender their Power Coins

Part II

…wherein Tommy (sort of) gets his powers back, Green Ranger recovers the Power Coins, and the Dramole is defeated

Grumble Bee

…wherein grades are a concern to Billy, Trini and Billy fight Grumble Bee, and tutoring occurs

Two Heads are Better Than One

…wherein the Rangers fight the Two-Headed Parrot, Tommy swindles Ernie out of a pamango, and Bulk and Skull attack two women

Fowl Play

…wherein Zack puts on a magic show, Peckster is outsmarted, and Zack thinks he has a date

Trick or Treat

…wherein Kimberly and Skull compete in a game show, the Rangers fight the Pumpkin Rapper, and Tommy forfeits a karate match

Second Chance

…wherein Jason and Zack give soccer tips, Tommy's communicator is confiscated, and the Socadillo is defeated

On Fins and Needles

…wherein Jason and Tommy almost come to blows, Bulk and Skull organize a fight, and the Slippery Shark is defeated

Enter… The Lizzinator

…wherein cheerleader tryouts are held, Tommy helps defeat the Lizzinator, and Kim's cousin annoys Squatt and Baboo

Football Season

…wherein Tommy isn't very good at football, the Rhinoblaster attacks, and Tommy joins the football team

Mighty Morphin' Mutants

…wherein Tommy is forgetful, Putties become Mutant Rangers, and the Rangers receive identical replacement Power Weapons

An Oyster Stew

…wherein Zack buys pearls from a shady man, the Rangers fight the Oysterizer, and Zack sings a song

Lost Pilot

Day of the Dumpster

…wherein things are slightly different from the real "Day of the Dumpster"

Home Video

Fan Club Video

…wherein you're welcomed to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fan Club, we learn Rita and Zordon's backstory, and the teens are interviewed

Episode Lists
MMPR season 2
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