MMPR season 2

52 episodes (first aired 1994–95), plus Christmas video

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The Mutiny

…wherein Lord Zedd arrives and the Rangers receive Thunderzords (told in 3 parts)

Part I

…wherein the teens begin an ATV race, Lord Zedd takes over, and Pirantishead takes control of the Dinozords

Part II

…wherein the Dragonzord is seized as well, the Thunderzords appear in the sky, and the Rangers fare pretty well against Zedd's Putties

Part III

…wherein Billy recovers the Dinozords, the Thunderzords debut in battle, and the teens lose the ATV race

The Wanna-Be Ranger

…wherein Alpha 5 helps a lost kid, Primator impersonates the Rangers, and Alpha doesn't self-destruct

Putty on the Brain

…wherein Zack brings cool science glasses, Zack and Billy see Putties everywhere, and the Saliguana is defeated

Bloom of Doom

…wherein nobody joins Kimberly's garden club, a spell turns Kim spitefully jealous, and a ribbon helps defeat the Bloom of Doom

The Green Dream

…wherein Tommy dreads the loss of his powers, Zedd puts Tommy under a spell, and the Robogoat wields the Sword of Power

The Power Stealer

…wherein the Octophantom nearly drains Tommy's powers, Billy makes a mirror shield, and a videotape doesn't reveal the Rangers' identities

The Beetle Invasion

…wherein Richie debuts, the Stag Beetle nearly drains Tommy's powers, and the teens play broomball

Welcome to Venus Island

…wherein Trini's neighbor is taken to Venus Island, Billy launches a weather balloon, and the Rangers fight the Invenusable Flytrap

The Song of Guitardo

…wherein the teens have a picnic, Kim and Tommy team up against Guitardo, and Kimberly sings

Green No More

…wherein Tommy's Green Ranger powers are finally exhausted (in 2 parts)

Part I

…wherein Tommy receives a warning from the future, Zedd captures five punks, and Turbanshell actually does drain Tommy's powers

Part II

…wherein Tommy escapes the Otherworld, Zedd's Dark Ranger plot is aborted, and the Green Ranger joins in one last battle

Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park

…wherein Bulk and Skull pour concrete, Zack's cousin Curtis plays the trumpet, and the Rangers fight imaginary monsters

Missing Green

…wherein Jason feels bad, the other teens look for Tommy, and Jason thwarts Zedd's magic candle plot

Beauty and the Beast

…wherein Bulk and Skull consult a fortune-teller, Kimberly becomes the new Rita, and the Mirror Maniac is defeated

White Light

…wherein the White Ranger debuts (told in 2 parts)

Part I

…wherein Zordon and Alpha start a project, Bulk and Skull find Rita's space dumpster, and Nimrod proves troublesome

Part II

…wherein Tommy is revealed as the White Ranger, the Tigerzord helps defeat Nimrod, and Rita is returned to space

Two for One

…wherein Tommy and Kim go on a date, the Rangers fight a lipstick monster and purse monster, and Bulk and Skull's Power Ranger detector almost works

Opposites Attract

…wherein Billy is smitten, a solar storm occurs, and Magnetbrain is defeated

Zedd's Monster Mash

…wherein some of the teens are seen enjoying a Halloween party, Tommy is trapped in a dark dimension, and the Rangers fight old monsters

The Ninja Encounter

…wherein the teens meet Rocky, Adam, and Aisha (told in 3 parts)

Part I

…wherein Rocky, Adam, and Aisha win a ninja tournament, Goldar captures them, and Bulk and Skull take care of a baby

Part II

…wherein the Rangers fight Terror Blossom and Hatchasaurus, Aisha's escape plan is foiled, and Jason, Trini, and Zack are frozen

Part III

…wherein Jason, Trini, and Zack defeat Terror Blossom, the others rescue the captives, and the Rangers' identities are revealed

A Monster of Global Proportions

…wherein Goldar captures members of a teen summit, the Rangers surrender chocolate Power Coins, and Tor debuts

Zedd Waves

…wherein a triathlon is held, Beamcaster controls people, and Aisha's electrical engineering saves the day

The Power Transfer

…wherein Rocky, Adam, and Aisha become Power Rangers (told in 2 parts)

Part I

…wherein Jason, Trini, and Zack are chosen for the world peace summit, Zedd completes Serpentera, and the Rangers seek the Sword of Light

Part II

…wherein the Rangers return with the Sword of Light, powers are transferred to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, and Serpentera runs out of power

Goldar's Vice-Versa

…wherein Adam is shy, Bulk and Skull avoid girls, and Adam's date turns out to be Scorpina

Mirror of Regret

…wherein Adam encourages his karate student, Goldar uses the Mirror of Regret, and the Power Cannon debuts

When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?

…wherein Scatterbrain erases the Rangers' memories, Bulk and Skull save the day, and only the Rangers remember it

Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun

…wherein Rocky becomes irresponsible, Pachinko Head is defeated, and Serpentera runs out of power

Lights, Camera, Action

…wherein the Rangers appear on a talk show, clips are played, and the Rangers defeat the Showbiz Monster

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

…wherein Aisha becomes fire safety captain, annoys people, and tries to do everything herself

Scavenger Hunt

…wherein a scavenger hunt is held, Bulk and Skull hire a gypsy mystic, and the Rangers fight Cannontop

The Great Bookala Escape

…wherein the Rangers befriend an alien, Bulk and Skull try to signal UFOs, and Serpentera runs out of power

Forever Friends

…wherein Aisha's old friend dislikes Kimberly, Bulk and Skull build jetpacks, and the Rangers defeat the Jaws of Destruction

A Reel Fish Story

…wherein Rocky is a lifeguard, the Rangers fight old fish monsters, and Bulk and Skull nearly drown

Rangers Back in Time

…wherein Lord Zedd turns the Rangers into children (told in 2 parts)

Part I

…wherein the Rock of Time (sort of) turns back time, a dodgeball defeats Putties, and Photomare traps the kids in a photograph

Part II

…wherein Alpha recovers the photo from Bulk and Skull, the Rangers' ages are restored, and the Rock of Time is destroyed

The Wedding

…wherein Rita and Zedd marry (told in 3 parts)

Part I

…wherein the teens visit Australia, Rita returns to the moon palace, and evil Alpha traps the Rangers in an abandoned theater

Part II

…wherein the Rangers fight old monsters, Rita gives Zedd a love potion, and wedding preparations begin

Part III

…wherein Zedd marries Rita, the Rangers escape, and Alpha is returned to normal

Return of the Green Ranger

…wherein Tommy fights his own Green Ranger clone (told in 3 parts)

Part I

…wherein the Wizard of Deception arms Bulk and Skull with scissors, clones Tommy, and traps the other Rangers in colonial times

Part II

…wherein the five Rangers evade the authorities, Adam is smitten, and the White Ranger fights the Green Ranger

Part III

…wherein the Dragonzord rampages, Tommy saves his friends, and his clone stays in the past

Best Man for the Job

…wherein Tommy and Kimberly both run for class president, a spell makes politics unpleasant, and Rita controls the Tigerzord

Storybook Rangers

…wherein three of the Rangers are trapped in a storybook (told in 2 parts)

Part I

…wherein Rocky, Tommy, and Kimberly become trapped in a storybook, a cantankerous elf appears, and Bulk and Skull try to cook up a monster

Part II

…wherein Billy, Aisha, and Adam destroy Bulk and Skull's monster, the others escape the storybook, and Mondo the magician is defeated

Wild West Rangers

…wherein Kimberly visits the Old West and recruits Wild West Rangers (told in 2 parts)

Part I

…wherein Kimberly ends up in the Old West, meets doppelgangers of her friends, and contends with outlaws

Part II

…wherein Kimberly is known as the Pink Stranger, the Wild West Rangers help out, and Kim returns to the present

Blue Ranger Gone Bad

…wherein Billy is replaced by an evil copy, one of them is gunned down, and Bulk and Skull doubt Billy is the Gold Ranger

Home Video

Alpha's Magical Christmas

…wherein Alpha is lonely on Christmas Eve, children are taken from their homes, and carols are sung

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