MMPR season 3

32 episodes (first aired in 1995), plus home videos, movie


A Friend in Need

…wherein the Rangers meet the Masked Rider (told in 3 parts)

Part I

…wherein Kimberly is sick, the other Rangers travel to Edenoi, and the Masked Rider is paranoid

Part II

…wherein Prince Dex introduces himself, the Rangers fight alongside the Edenoites, and Kim fights alone

Part III

…wherein Bulk and Skull lure two girls into the forest, the Rangers return home, and Count Dregon sets his sights on Earth

Ninja Quest

…wherein Rito Revolto destroys the Thunderzords and the Rangers get Ninja powers (told in 4 parts)

Part I

…wherein Rito arrives, the Thunderzords are destroyed, and the Rangers lose their powers

Part II

…wherein Bulk and Skull join the Junior Police, the Tengas hatch, and the teens brave the Desert of Despair

Part III

…wherein the teens meet Ninjor, Lt. Stone trains Bulk and Skull, and the Rangers receive Ninja powers

Part IV

…wherein the Ninjazords battle Rito, Vampirus attacks, and Bulk and Skull graduate from Junior Police training

A Brush with Destiny

…wherein Kimberly dreads moving to France, Finster plucks a monster from Kim's nightmare, and Kim moves in with Aisha

Passing the Lantern

…wherein a lantern puzzles Adam, said lantern is seemingly destroyed, and Bulk and Skull return it unharmed

Wizard for a Day

…wherein Rocky trades places with a teacher, the other Rangers become liquids, and Rocky does science

Fourth Down and Long

…wherein Rocky scowls at a football monster, the other Rangers become footballs, and Rocky's lab partner turns out to be dyslexic

Stop the Hate Master

…wherein Aisha is the only Ranger who isn't a jerk (told in 2 parts)

Part I

…wherein a snob rejects Aisha, the Hate Master makes many people mean, and Aisha has to deal with it

Part II

…wherein Billy shuts down the Command Center, Aisha talks some sense into the others, and Titanus appears

Final Face-Off

…wherein Rita unleashes the Face Stealer, the Rangers borrow ancient masks, and the Ninja Ultrazord appears

The Potion Notion

…wherein Miss Chief runs amok with a love potion, unexpected wooing occurs, and Kimberly dances with Skull

A Ranger Catastrophe

…wherein Rita unleashes her double agent Katherine (told in 2 parts)

Part I

…wherein Kim and Aisha find a stray cat, said cat is Kat, and Kat lures Tommy into a trap

Part II

…wherein the Rangers fight Rito again, Kat attacks in monster form, and Tommy escapes

Changing of the Zords

…wherein the Rangers lose some important things because of Kat (told in 3 parts)

Part I

…wherein Finster discovers lost Shogunzords, Kat steals Kim's Power Coin, and Ninjor and the Falconzord are captured

Part II

…wherein the Rangers fight Inciserator, Kat leads Kim into a trap, and Zedd delivers an ultimatum

Part III

…wherein Tommy rescues Kimberly, the Shogunzords debut, and Kim remains coinless

Follow That Cab!

…wherein Kim, Bulk, and Skull are trapped in a cab monster, the Shark Cycles debut, and Bulk and Skull recover Kim's stolen car

A Different Shade of Pink

…wherein Kat turns good and Kimberly chooses to leave (told in 3 parts)

Part I

…wherein serial battles exhaust Kimberly, Kat remembers things, and Kim falls off a balance beam

Part II

…wherein Kim is in the hospital, Rita and Zedd want Kat, and Ninjor is held for ransom

Part III

…wherein Kat is captured, Kat recovers Kim's Power Coin, and Kim steps down

Rita's Pita

…wherein Kat first morphs, Tommy is ravenous, and Bulk and Skull ruin a bake sale

Another Brick in the Wall

…wherein Kat organizes a building project, Billy fights the Brick Bully, and Kat gasses the others

A Chimp in Charge

…wherein Kat borrows a chimp, said chimp becomes a monster, and Bulk and Skull harrass a Rastafarian

Master Vile and the Metallic Armor

…wherein Master Vile seeks the Zeo Crystal (told in 3 parts)

Part I

…wherein Master Vile arrives, the Rangers obtain Metallic Armor, and Tommy and Kat infiltrate the moon palace

Part II

…wherein Kat is nearly turned evil again, Tommy retrieves the Zeo Crystal, and Master Vile banishes the Rangers' Zords

Part III

…wherein Master Vile has a party, the Rangers defeat Globbor, and the Zeo Crystal is scattered

The Sound of Dischordia

…wherein Aisha and Kat write a song, the Rangers dance against their will, and a big battle with Dischordia ensues

Rangers in Reverse

…wherein Master Vile summons the Orb of Doom, the Rangers fail to stop Rito, and the Orb (sort of) turns back time

Home Videos

I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger

…wherein Rito takes over Santa's workshop, the teens help out, and much singing occurs

Lord Zedd's Monster Heads

…wherein Lord Zedd reminisces on Halloween

The Good, the Bad, and the Stupid

…wherein Bulk and Skull reminisce while trapped in a cave-in


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

See Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

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