Power Rangers Mystic Force

32 episodes (first aired in 2006)

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Broken Spell

Part 1 (Broken Spell)

Part 2 (Broken Spell II)

Code Busters

Rock Solid

Whispering Voices

Legendary Catastros

Fire Heart

Stranger Within

Part 1 (Stranger Within)

Part 2 (Stranger Within II)

Petrified Xander

The Gatekeeper

Part 1 (The Gatekeeper)

Part 2 (The Gatekeeper II)

Scaredy Cat

Long Ago

Inner Strength

Soul Specter

Ranger Down

Dark Wish

Part 1 (Dark Wish)

Part 2 (Dark Wish II)

Part 3 (Dark Wish III)

Koragg's Trial

Heir Apparent

Part 1 (Heir Apparent)

Part 2 (Heir Apparent II)

The Light

The Hunter

Hard Heads

The Snow Prince

Light Source

Part 1 (Light Source)

Part 2 (Light Source II)

The Return

Mystic Fate

Part 1 (Mystic Fate)

Part 2 (Mystic Fate II)

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