Power Rangers Zeo

50 episodes (first aired in 1996), includes holiday episodes, plus teasers

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Main Episodes

A Zeo Beginning

Part I

Part II

The Shooting Star

Target Rangers

For Cryin' Out Loud

Rangers in the Outfield

Every Dog Has His Day

The Puppet Blaster

Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers

Graduation Blues

A Few Bad Seeds

Instrument of Destruction

Mean Screen

Mr. Billy's Wild Ride

There's No Business Like Snow Business

Part I

Part II

Part III

Inner Spirit


Found and Lost

Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead?

Trust in Me

Bulk Fiction

Song Sung Yellow

Game of Honor

The Power of Gold

A Small Problem

Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise

Rock-A-Bye Power Rangers

Do I Know You?

Revelations of Gold

A Golden Homecoming

Mondo's Last Stand

Bomber in the Summer

Scent of a Weasel

The Lore of Auric

The Ranger Who Came in from the Gold

The Joke's on Blue

Where in the World is Zeo Ranger 5?

King for a Day

Part I

Part II

A Brief Mystery of Time

A Mystery to Me

Another Song and Dance

Rangers of Two Worlds

Part I

Part II

Hawaii Zeo

Good as Gold


"It's Coming" serial

Rita and Zedd react to the arrival of the Machine Empire. On Earth, the Power Rangers remain absent.

Segments 1–2

Teasers for upcoming teasers (footage from "Hogday Afternoon," future teasers, and assorted Zeo footage).

Segments 3–4, 10

A scientist approaches an observatory while the radio news discusses a disturbance in near space. The scientist (Dr. Jewel) enters the observatory, where another scientist has been waiting.

Segments 5–6

Rita and Zedd gloat over their victory over the Rangers, who "kept fighting 'til the end"; Zedd takes credit (Rita doesn't disagree). Then, while looking through her telescope, Rita reacts in horror.

Segments 7–9

Noticing Rita's anxiety, Zedd assumes Goldar and Rito have "done something stupid again." He intends to celebrate their defeat of the Power Rangers, but Rita is filled with dread. She eventually invites Zedd to look for himself, at which point he spies a Quadrafighter and exclaims, "Mondo?! No!" Rita orders Finster to start packing, but Zedd stubbornly doubts the Quadrafighters are coming their way.

Segments 11–13

The observatory's scientist (Dr. Kender) suggests meteor activity as the cause of the atmospheric disturbance, but Dr. Jewel has another idea. As the disturbance begins to enter the atmosphere, Dr. Jewel shows Dr. Kender top-secret photos. The photos, taken from a space telescope, reveal a gear ship. In space, Machine Empire forces loom.

Segment 14

A janitor at the observatory watches a TV report: it's been unusually quiet in the last several weeks, and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers haven't been seen or heard from in "quite some time" (some believe the Rangers returned to their distant planet). Upon seeing a Quadrafighter in the telescope, the janitor calls the news station.

Segments 15–17

Wolfgang Blizzard interviews the janitor about the alien spaceship. The janitor points to the scientists sneaking out nearby. At the Juice Bar, Bulk and Skull overhear Wolfgang grilling the scientists at Angel Grove University about what he infers to be a "secret alien spaceship." Bulk hatches a plan to catch an alien, but "slavedriver" Lt. Stone has overheard.

Segments 18–19

Lt. Stone drags Bulk and Skull into a field to watch for aliens. Bulk and Skull fall asleep in the field, and a spaceship's shadow passes overhead.

Segment 20

Mondo and Machina watch Bulk and Skull's nap in their viewscreen. Mondo notes they should have no problem conquering this planet's inhabitants, and Machina looks forward to stripping the planet of its resources and completing their Machine Empire.

Segment 21

Dr. Kender remains unsure of the aliens' intentions. Wolfgang recaps that the Power Rangers are missing and aliens are headed toward Earth.

Segments 22–25

Bulk and Skull awaken to a descending gear ship. They flee and ultimately spot something else: Cogs on the march. Lt. Stone finds Bulk and Skull away from their post, and all thee flee from a Cog's eye blasts.

Segments 26–29

Back at the Juice Bar, Ernie doubts Bulk and Skull's story, but his skepticism is interrupted as the governor comes on TV. The governor declares a state of emergency, confirming the existence of an armada of hostile alien ships approaching the Earth. Further, attempts to contact the Power Rangers have proven unsuccessful. The governor issues a plea to the Power Rangers, needing their help.

Segments 30–31

Mondo and Machina mock the governor's plea. Mondo retorts, "even the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, whoever they are, won't be able to help you now." As ships gather over the Earth, Machina notes their "eons of planning" have led to this one moment, when they could say the universe was theirs. Mondo notes the Quadrafighters have returned from scouting the Earth.

Segment 32

Lt. Stone, Bulk, and Skull prepare emergency supplies at the Youth Center. Lt. Stone and Ernie hope for the Rangers' help.

Segment 33

Finster urges Zedd to leave.

Segment 34

In their viewscreen, Mondo spies Rita and Zedd, whom Machina thought had "retired eons ago"; neither Mondo nor Machina intends to show mercy on them, Mondo and Machina's only obstacle to obliterating the planet.

Holiday Episodes

It Came from Angel Grove

A Season to Remember

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