Quantum Ranger (Time Force)

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Last Name Myers1


Time Force

Some time after quitting a prep school he attended with Wes, Eric was working for the Silver Guardians when he learned Wes's identity2. After taking the Quantum Controller from Brickneck to become the Quantum Ranger3, Eric claimed the Quantasaurus Rex from Commandocon, earning him leadership of the Silver Guardians4. Despite learning the Rangers were from the future, he honored Jen's request not to tell Mr. Collins5. When Collins was injured6, Eric was passed over in favor of Wes as head of Bio-Lab7; he was apparently leaving town when he opted to help the Rangers8. Injured protecting Mr. Collins, Eric temporarily passed his Morpher and Quantum Defender to Wes9, allowing the Q-Rex's Trizirium crystal to be neutralized The End of Time, part 3. Wes then accepted leadership of the Silver Guardians, on the condition Eric would be his partner (to which Eric agreed) The End of Time, part 3.

Wild Force

Still as a Silver Guardian (though his partner Wes wore the captain's beret), Eric issued a speeding ticket to Taylor before learning her identity while helping against Mut-Orgs10. Eric later flirted a bit with Taylor before and after the Mut-Orgs were defeated11. Eric and Wes also joined in Tommy's Red Ranger mission against General Venjix12.


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