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Last Name McAllistair1

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Flynn's truck
Flynn's father
unnamed truck Flynn drove
Flynn's mechanic father; told Flynn "there's no such thing as superheroes" in his youth but later came to admire Flynn's heroics in Corinth2



After graduating school apparently in Scotland (see discussion below), Flynn was fired for over-enthusiasm (and/or lack of sense?) from a number of jobs; he was then with his father in his garage when Venjix attacks hit3. Both were apparently new arrivals in Corinth when Flynn commandeered a bus to transport a lost girl and others inside the city walls before they closed4. Flynn's dad apparently owned a garage in Corinth (collecting articles about his son) while Flynn served as Ranger Blue5; together, the two operated a shop building new computer networks for the city following Venjix's defeat6.


Flynn may or may not have been present when most of the Samurai Rangers visited Scott's dimension and met his "team"7. (Also unknown is when this teamup occurred relative to the events of RPM; see discussion at Corinth.)


Where did Flynn grow up? Was it definitely in Scotland?

Flynn let it be known he was Scottish8; also, before ramming his Lion Hauler into an Attack Bot, Flynn declared, "This is how we do it Glasgow-style!"9, if that indicates anything with certainty. Before coming to Corinth, he also attended an apparently Scottish school (based on accents and uniforms), worked for an apparently Scottish police department (based on the badge), and worked for an apparently Scottish fire department (based on a form logo)10. Curiously, however, his employee files (maybe details the audience wasn't supposed to notice?) all listed his address as "37 Wet Weather Ave, Top of the Hill, Corinth City" at the time he was fired11.

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