Galaxy Rangers

Ranger team who protected Terra Venture and Mirinoi

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Season Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999)
Visual Theme animals?
Number of Rangers 5 (+1 debatable: Magna Defender)

Team Equipment

Quasar Saber
held in star formation
Jet Jammers
Astro Cycles
Quasar Launchers
Power-Up Mode
(Lights of Orion power)
Quasar Sabers
swords / power source (x5)1
communicators / Morphers (x5)2 (name from toy line)
multipurpose transforming weapons (x5)3; also transformed Galactabeasts into Galactazords4
Jet Jammers
flying crafts (x5)5
Astro Cycles
motorcycles (x3: girls omitted)6
Quasar Launchers
bazookas (x5)7, later upgrade into Galaxy Quasar Launchers8
Lights of Orion
power source (x1), gave the Rangers "Power-Up Mode" (x5)9

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For information about the Magna Defender, see Magna Defender.

Red Ranger

Red Ranger
Red Ranger
with Magna Talon
Red Capsular Cycle
Red Armored Ranger
Known Users Leo10, Troy11
Morph background fire
Transdagger specialty Magna Talon (see table)
Galactabeast Lion
Red Capsular Cycle
powered-up form of Red's Astro Cycle12
Red Armored Ranger
powered-up form accessed via "key" artifacts13

Green Ranger

Green Ranger
Green Ranger
with Trans Blaster
Known Users Damon14, Jake15
Morph background sky
Transdagger specialty Trans Blaster (see table)
Galactabeast Condor

Blue Ranger

Blue Ranger
Blue Ranger
with Cosma Claw
Known Users Kai16, Noah17
Morph background water
Transdagger specialty Cosma Claw (see table)
Galactabeast Gorilla

Yellow Ranger

Yellow Ranger
Yellow Ranger
with Delta Daggers
Yellow Ranger
Super Megaforce
Known Users Maya18, Gia19
Morph background lightning/electricity
Transdagger specialty Delta Daggers (see table)
Galactabeast Wolf

Pink Ranger

Pink Ranger
Pink Ranger
with Beta Bow
Known Users Kendrix20, Karone21, Emma22
Morph background flowers
Transdagger specialty Beta Bow (see table)
Galactabeast Wildcat


Lost Galaxy

On Mirinoi, Jera explained the Quasar Sabers (reportedly placed in their stone 3,000 years prior) would transform worthy users into "mighty champions"23; as they had in Maya's childhood24, the swords refused to budge25. During Furio's attack, however, Mike pulled the red saber, and his comrades and Maya pulled the others; Mike then passed his saber to his brother Leo before falling into a crevice (see Magna Defender), and this group of five became Galaxy Rangers just before Furio turned the planet to stone26. The Rangers took the Transdaggers from a monster named Horn27; other equipment debuted courtesy of Alpha28 or without explanation29. The long-sought Lights of Orion were eventually discovered by Destruxo aboard Terra Venture30 and claimed by the Rangers31. The Lion Galactabeast later revealed the Red Capsular Cycle to Leo32. When Pink Ranger Kendrix was apparently destroyed by the exploding Savage Sword33, her saber flew to the planet Gwinnet and was taken to the Onyx auction34; Kendrix's spirit then passed her powers to Karone, who had retrieved the saber35. Karone and Leo soon claimed keys from a warrior defeated by Astronema, granting Leo the Red Armored Ranger mode36. The Galaxy Quasar Launchers appeared using crystals given to the Rangers by the guardian of the Galaxy Book37. When the Quasar Sabers were later returned to their stone, Mirinoi and its people were restored, and Kendrix reappeared as well (see Kendrix)38.

Lightspeed Rescue

Leo reclaimed his Quasar Saber from the stone to battle Triskull (on Mirinoi and Earth)39; the others reclaimed theirs (Kendrix as Pink) and joined him on Earth40. They then departed for Mirinoi, saying they were needed41.

Wild Force

Leo once again reclaimed his Quasar Saber from the stone, arriving in his Jet Jammer in time to join in Tommy's Red Ranger mission on the Earth's moon42.

Dino Thunder

Hayley noted most Rangers didn't have their powers anymore43 (but did this include the Galaxy Rangers?).

Super Megaforce

Five Galaxy Ranger Keys allowed the main Super Mega Rangers to morph into Galaxy Rangers (during which Yellow sported a skirt matching Pink's)44. The Galaxy Rangers themselves (and Magna Defender) later joined in the Legendary Battle45; Red, Green, and Pink removed their helmets, revealing themselves as Leo, Damon, and Karone.


Which Transdaggers were used in which modes?

The following table shows usage by Transdagger color. (This is not the same as usage by Ranger; when the Rangers swapped attacks to defeat Chameliac, they also apparently swapped Transdaggers, insofar as the Transdagger colors on this occasion matched their modes rather than their users46.)

Magna Talon Transblaster Cosma Claw Delta Daggers Beta Bow
Red Transdagger 6 uses47 2 uses48
Green Transdagger 1 use49 12 uses50
Blue Transdagger 5 uses51 6 uses52
Yellow Transdagger 1 use53 1 use54 6 uses55 2 uses56
Pink Transdagger 1 use57 3 uses58 1 use59 1 use60 7 uses61

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