Hunter and Blake

brothers who served as Thunder Rangers

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Hunter served as the Crimson Thunder Ranger.

Ninja Storm
Last Name Bradley1


Blake served as the Navy Thunder Ranger.

Ninja Storm
Last Name Bradley2

Associated Characters/Elements

Bradley ghosts
"Thunder Strangers"
Hunter and Blake's adoptive parents, killed by Lothor3
Roger Hannah
former motocross champion4; manager of a company called Factory Blue with which Blake eventually signed5


Ninja Storm

Raised at the Thunder Ninja Academy after their parents' death, Hunter and Blake received Morphers during Lothor's attack on the academy; aboard Lothor's ship, they were told their parents had been killed by Sensei6. After spying on7 and meeting Looming Thunder the civilian Wind Rangers, the duo battled the Wind team8 and captured Sensei; at the Mountain of Lost Ninjas (where they sought to break Sensei's protective sphere), their parents' spirits revealed they had been killed by Lothor9. The brothers left town10 and were temporarily put under Choobo's memory spell11, but they eventually allied with the Wind Rangers (turning down an offer by Roger Hannah to do so)12; they also began working as stock boys13 to repay Kelly for being no-shows at a previous race14. Later, Blake was offered a "full factory ride" offer by Roger Hannah15, which he apparently accepted following Lothor's defeat and the brothers' graduation at the Wind Ninja Academy16. Meanwhile, Hunter was offered the role of head teacher at the Thunder Ninja Academy17.

Dino Thunder

Blake was in Reefside for a race (which he won) when the Wind Rangers were turned evil; Cam summoned Blake and sensei Hunter18, and together the trio retrieved the Samurai Amulet from the Abyss of Evil19. After helping Cam trick the Wind team out of their spell, the Thunders joined in a teamup battle which exhausted their powers; all then watched Blake win another race20.


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