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Real Name Jennifer1
Last Name Scotts (never stated in-show, but listed on Power Rangers website, other official materials?)

Associated Characters/Elements

Jen's fiancé, thought dead for a time (see Alex)
Jen's first partner, betrayed Time Force (see Steelix)


Time Force

In the year 3000, Jen accepted the marriage proposal of her boyfriend (and former Time Force mentor2) Alex following Ransik's arrest3. Jen and her team were relieved of their duties after Ransik escaped his prison convoy, and when Alex was injured (seemingly fatally), he made Jen promise to capture Ransik4; the team then took the Chrono Morphers back to 2001 in pursuit5. Jen was initially dismissive of Alex's carefree lookalike Wes6 but soon accepted him on the team7 and even grew fond of him8. Alex later reclaimed the role of Red Ranger9, but Jen apparently sided with her teammates in preferring Wes10. When the four Rangers were later taken to the future, leaving Wes to die in the past, Jen refused Alex's "memory adaptation" procedure, returned his engagement ring, and left with the others to aid Wes11. After Jen had arrested Ransik (who surrendered upon injuring Nadira), Wes and Jen confessed their mutual love before she departed once more12.

Wild Force

Assigned a special mission to arrest three Mut-Orgs, Jen followed the Mut-Orgs to the year 2002, reportedly spending a week in the past before she ended up encountering Wes and others13. She reluctantly accepted Ransik's help (Cole explained Ransik's wish to help was genuine); huddled at night with Wes on the Animarium, Jen contentedly noted (of seeing Wes again), "I guess I can change my destiny too"14. After the Mut-Orgs' destruction, Jen was last seen in the past celebrating with her teammates and the Wild Force Rangers15.


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