Jungle Fury Rangers

Ranger team who battled Dai Shi's forces

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Season Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008)
Visual Theme animals, kung fu?
Number of Rangers 3 (+1: Wolf) (+1: Rhino) (+3 Spirit)

Team Equipment

Solar Morphers
Claw Cannon
Jungle Master Mode
Claw Booster
Solar Morphers
Morphers (x3), worn like sunglasses
Claw Cannon
team cannon (x1)
Jungle Master Mode
Rangers' powered-up mode (x3)
Claw Boosters
claw weapons (x3) used in (and to access) Jungle Master Mode

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Red Ranger

Red Ranger
Jungle Chucks
Shark Sabers
Strike Rider
Known Users Casey1, Emma2, Troy3
Spirit Animal Tiger
Motto "with the strength of a tiger"
Special Weapon Jungle Chucks
Shark Sabers
Red's dual swords, combine into a single sword; associated with Shark
Strike Rider
Red's motorcycle

Yellow Ranger

Yellow Ranger
Jungle Bo
Jungle Mace
Known Users Lily4, Gia5
Spirit Animal Cheetah
Motto "with the speed of a cheetah"
Special Weapon Jungle Bo
Jungle Mace
Yellow's mace; associated with Elephant

Blue Ranger

Blue Ranger
Jungle Tonfa
Jungle Fans
Known Users Theo6, Noah7
Spirit Animal Jaguar
Motto "with the stealth of a jaguar"
Special Weapon Jungle Tonfa (pair)
Jungle Fan
Blue's fan weapon (sometimes a pair); associated with Bat

Wolf Ranger

Wolf Ranger
Wolf Morpher
Known Users R.J.8, Jake9
Spirit Animal Wolf
Motto "with the courage of a wolf"
Wolf Morpher
Wolf Ranger's Morpher

Rhino Ranger

Rhino Ranger
with Rhino Blade
Rhino Morpher
Known Users Dominic10, Emma11
Spirit Animal Rhino
Motto "with the power of a rhino"
Rhino Morpher
Rhino Ranger's Morpher gauntlet (also had a bracelet form)
Rhino Blade
blade form of Rhino Morpher12; could be combined with a Claw Booster13
Control Dagger
dagger used to control Rhino Steel Zord (see Control Dagger)

Spirit Rangers

Spirit Rangers
Elephant, Shark, Bat
Spirit Ranger Color Pai Zhua Master
Elephant Ranger green Master Phant
Shark Ranger light blue Master Finn
Bat Ranger black Master Swoop


Jungle Fury

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Super Megaforce

The Super Mega Rangers used the Jungle Fury powers in the following ways:

  • Five Jungle Fury Ranger Keys (including Wolf and Rhino) allowed the main Super Mega Rangers to morph into Jungle Fury Rangers14.
  • The Super Mega Rangers used the five Jungle Fury keys to project an animal spirit attack from their Megazord15.

The five Jungle Fury Rangers themselves later joined in the Legendary Battle16 (though Rhino was seen only briefly, and Wolf was seen only briefly in sentai footage).


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