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Last Name Walker (never stated in-show, but listed on Power Rangers website, other official materials?)


Through reasons not explained in-show, Katie possessed superhuman strength even while unmorphed1. (Her peers at Time Force didn't appear to have any superhuman abilities of their own, setting aside the alien Trip.)


Time Force

In the year 3000, Katie was among a small team of Time Force officers from whose prison convoy Ransik escaped; the team was relieved of their duties2 but (per Jen) took the Chrono Morphers to the year 2001 in pursuit of Ransik3. At one point, Katie struggled with the possibility of losing the future she knew (notably, her family) as history changed from Ransik's presence4. The team returned to the future after Ransik was eventually captured5, but the status of Katie's family at this point wasn't revealed.

Wild Force

Traveling back the year 3001, Katie and the others helped the Wild Force Rangers destroy the Mut-Orgs in the past6.


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