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Last Name Morgan1

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Carolyn Pickets
famous actress (aboard Terra Venture) who looked like Kendrix2


Lost Galaxy

Kendrix was a GSA science officer aboard Terra Venture when Maya arrived from Mirinoi during a training session on the moon; Kendrix, Mike, and Leo returned with Maya to Mirinoi, where the Quasar Sabers transformed Kendrix and her friends into Galaxy Rangers3. Kendrix later helped study the Galaxy Book4. When fellow Pink Ranger Cassie's life was jeopardized by the Savage Sword, Kendrix struck the sword in close quarters, seemingly destroying Kendrix in the process; Kendrix's spirit then assured the others she would always be there, at which point her Quasar Saber flew to another planet5. Saying she was in "a wonderful place," Kendrix revealed her sword's location to Maya in a dream; soon, her spirit saved Karone from a fall and passed the Pink Galaxy powers to her6. Later, once the Quasar Sabers had restored Mirinoi, Kendrix (apparently in bodily form again) appeared from a gleam of light, coyly remarking to the others, "I knew you'd make it here"7.

Lightspeed Rescue

On Mirinoi, Kendrix and her teammates reclaimed the Quasar Sabers to help the Lightspeed Rangers battle Trakeena on Earth; the team then returned to Mirinoi8.


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