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Last Name Ford1


Upon bonding with the yellow Dino Gem, Kira acquired a sonic scream attack (and martial arts prowess, apparently)2. She used her scream power occasionally (only in unmorphed form)3.


Dino Thunder

Assigned detention for giving an unauthorized musical performance at school, Kira was with Conner and Ethan when the group stumbled upon Dr. Oliver's lair and became Dino Rangers4. Later in the year, after Mesogog's defeat (a battle which drained her powers), Kira performed at her senior prom5.


The following year, Kira attended a high school reunion despite having moved to New York to seek a recording contract6. At this point, Kira and her teammates were transported into the future, where Kira learned from the SPD Rangers that she would become a "huge singing sensation" (though she lost her memory of this encounter upon returning to her time)7. (Kira also met the SPD Rangers when they time-traveled back to a point within the events of Dino Thunder, but her memory was wiped once again8.)

Operation Overdrive

Again serving as the Yellow Dino Ranger, Kira was later part of the Sentinel Knight's replacement Ranger team while the Overdrive Rangers were de-powered; she then spoke of her intent to stop by the Rockporium with a CD she was working on9.


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