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Last Name Corbett1

Associated Characters/Elements

Leo's brother (see Mike)


Lost Galaxy

Not having been selected as a passenger on Terra Venture, Leo stowed away on a shuttle and was trying to blend in at a training exercise on the moon when his brother Mike recognized him; at this point, Maya arrived from Mirinoi, and Leo rushed after Mike and Kendrix to help2. After pulling a Quasar Saber, Mike fell into a crevice, leaving Leo to become the Red Ranger3. Upon being freed by the Magna Defender4, Mike assured Leo that the saber was meant for him5. Later, at the end of Terra Venture's journey, Leo and the others helped the colonists evacuate to Mirinoi, and the Quasar Sabers were returned to their stone6.

Lightspeed Rescue

On Mirinoi, Leo reclaimed his Quasar Saber to battle Triskull; he then followed the villain to Earth and was soon joined by his teammates; they joined with the Lightspeed Rangers to defeat Trakeena before returning to Mirinoi7.

Wild Force

As other Red Rangers traveled to the moon to stop General Venjix, Andros reportedly contacted Leo on Mirinoi; Leo reclaimed his saber once again and arrived with Aurico in time to help8.


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