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This page provides a list of random articles from this wiki (in random order).

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Terra Venture — space colony protected by the Galaxy Rangers
Time Force Zords — Zords used by the Time Force Rangers
Jungle Fury Zords — animal spirits / Zords used by Jungle Fury Rangers
NASADA — space agency with which the Space Rangers had contact
Galactabeasts — sentient giant creatures/Zords allied with the Galaxy Rangers
Super Mega Rangers — powered-up form of Mega Rangers; able to use powers of Legendary Rangers
Trip Green Time Force Ranger
Symbol power — power utilized by Samurai Rangers (often through kanji)
Mirinoi — planet home to Maya; resting place of the Quasar Sabers
Lost Galaxy — galaxy in which Terra Venture was trapped for a time
Karone — alter ego of Astronema, later Pink Galaxy Ranger (second)
Tanya Zeo Ranger II, Yellow Turbo Ranger (first)
A-Squad SPD Rangers who outranked B-Squad; worked for Gruumm
Maya Yellow Galaxy Ranger
Noah Blue Mega Ranger, Blue Super Mega Ranger
Time regression — instances in which the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were turned into children as time was turned back
Cam Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm)
R.J. Wolf Ranger (Jungle Fury)
Rita and Zedd's forces Rita and Zedd's various assistants, artifacts, and territories
Reefside — city in which the Dino Rangers lived
Gosei — mentor to the Mega Rangers
Kevin Blue Samurai Ranger
Kimberly Pink MMPR (first)
Scott RPM Ranger Red
Ninja Turtles — characters from Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation

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